A new survey has shown that millennials are the most likely to prefer snacks and beverages that fit within higher ethical standards.

The study, which was reported by Food & Wine, found that consumers younger than 35 placed the most value on factors like fair trade, sustainable farming, and zero waste in their food and beverages.


The study, from the Mindful Dining Initiative project from the Culinary Visions Panel looked at 1,500 Americans’ eating habits.

About 64% of consumers under 35 were reported to have said that there weren’t enough “ethical” snacks.

The “Ethics On The Go” survey found that 67% of millennials would pay more money for on-the-go foods that were ethically produced.

“From sustainable farming to free-range eggs, consumers do not want their dining choices to have unintended negative consequences,” said the Culinary Visions Panel’s executive director Sharon Olson. “Whether it’s rewarding a company’s fair trade labor practices or their zero-waste policies, we found that millennials are the most serious about ethically-sourced grab-and-go foods.”


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