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Fruit and chocolate. Does the sound of those two things together make your mouth water? Then we have a lot in common. It’s a simple, but ingenious concept. You take fruit, nature’s candy, combine it with chocolate, and BAM! You’ve got a dessert that’s rich, but not too rich because it’s balanced out by the citrus from the fruit. There are so many ways that we can combine fruit and chocolate. These 5-Ingredient Jumbo Strawberries and Cream Cups taste just as good as they sound. If you’re looking for something to bring to a party or potluck, you can’t go wrong with these wheat-free Blackberry Chocolate Cupcakes or these Chocolate Raspberry Candy Bars.

For more ideas on decadent, fruity, and chocolatey desserts stick around because we’ve got 15 recipes for you to try!

1. Raspberry Macadamia Brownies

rasperry macadamia brownies

Upon tasting these delicious, fudgy Raspberry Macadamia Brownies you would never expect the main ingredient to be sweet potatoes – but it’s true! Sweet potatoes are great for providing rich and decadent texture to savory dishes as well as sweet ones like these brownies. Raw cacao powder, nut butter, and agave go a long way to make these brownies taste just like the traditional kind, and the raspberries and macadamia nuts add a fresh twist.

2. No-Bake Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake

chocolate cherry cheesecakes

This No-Bake Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake is definitely a chocolate lover’s dessert. The dark chocolate and cherry combination is already divine, but it somehow manages to get even better when it meets the cashew cream and hazelnut crust. This is a cake for all occasions. Drooling enough, yet?

3. Chocolate-Coated Pineapple Pops

chocolate pineapple pops

Nothing is more refreshing than a big ol’ slab of frozen pineapple coated in chocolate! The two toppings used in these Chocolate-Coated Pineapple Pops are by no means the only ones you can use. You can opt for different nuts, carob nibs, crushed espresso beans, freeze dried fruit, coconut butter or almond butter, whatever sounds good.

4. Hazelnut Mousse With Warm Raspberries

hazelnut mousse with warm raspberries

Hazelnut Mousse With Warm Raspberries: who doesn’t love it? Silken tofu is the perfect base for the best chocolate mousse you’ll ever have! It’s dense, yet fluffy, and absolutely decadent. This would be amazing with a generous dollop of coconut whipped cream, too!

5. Cocoa Date Fudge Bites

cocoa fudge date bites

These Cocoa Date Fudge Bites are an indulgent treat that will satisfy all of your chocolate cravings. Composed of cashews and sweetened with dates, these truffles are healthier than most. Best part is, they can be dressed up in a number of ways. Feel free to add walnuts, frozen fruit shards, or cacao nibs to the outside for a tray of beautiful treats.

6. Double Chocolate Berry Good Cookies

double chocolate berry good cookies

How good are these Double Chocolate Berry Good Cookies? Crunchy and chocolatey, they’re speckled with dried blueberry and goji berries. Not only are these cookies delicious either alone or dunked into some non-dairy milk, they’re also gluten-free and filled with superfoods. Good for the body and good for the soul!

7. Pitaya Raspberry Chocolate Popsicles

pitaya raspberry pops

These Pitaya Raspberry Chocolate Popsicles look beautiful and are super simple to make! Once the fruit is frozen into popsicle form, they simply need to be dipped in chocolate. Get creative and add little touches to really treat your taste buds. A dash of vanilla, a pinch of sea salt, a little nut butter, goji berries, or raspberries work great. The choices are endless!

8. Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

mini strawberry cheesecakes

These Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes have all of the deliciousness of a regular cheesecake but come in a perfect made-for-one size for when that sweet craving strikes. A strawberry and cashew cream mixture is set atop a crust of pecans and dates and then topped with decadent dark chocolate. Yum!

9. Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches

double chocolate cherry ice cream sandwiches

Yeah, these Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches are like a party in your mouth. Just fresh fruit and some buckwheat groats are what make up these summery treats. Eat these whenever you want. Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner … whenever. It’s just whole foods ingredients, so you can’t go wrong.

10. Double Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

double chocolate orange cheesecake

There are four good reasons you should make this Double Chocolate Orange Cheesecake. It has a raw brownie base, velvety chocolate cheesecake, perfectly sweet and refreshingly creamy orange cheesecake, and a very generous helping of orange chocolate sauce. Not to mention, it’s surprisingly easy to make for something that looks so fancy!

11. Raspberry Cream Filled Chocolates

raspberry cream filled chocolates

The center of these Raspberry Cream Filled Chocolates is made with raw cashews, lemon, vanilla, coconut, and brown rice malt syrup. It gets its bright pink color and slightly tart flavor from fresh raspberries. Store them in the freezer and have them as a frozen treat, or leave them in the refrigerator and enjoy them like a chilled, chocolate-covered cream.

12. Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

chocolate and strawberry mousse pie

This Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse Pie is pretty amazing! Its graham cracker crust  is chewy and has just the right amount of sweetness and salt. The airy chocolate mousse is velvety and boozy, making this the perfect grown-up dessert for all occasions.

13. Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

chocolate raspberry cupcakes

These gorgeous Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes may look like your typical chocolate confection, but since they are made with all natural and gluten-free ingredients, they’re a treat you can feel good about! The sponge cake is made with buckwheat flour, ground almonds, raw cacao powder, coconut milk, and raspberries and topped with thick, creamy, chocolate-coconut frosting. Adorn these with dried rose petals for a lovely presentation.

14. Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

chocolate covered banana pops

These Chocolate Covered Banana Pops are just amazing. They are the perfect healthy, easy-to-make treat for summer. Super delicious and refreshing, these bananas will indulge your sweet cravings. Kids will love how you can customize the toppings and so will their grown-ups!

15. Blackberry Cheesecake Brownies

blackberry cheesecake brownies

These triple-layer Blackberry Cheesecake Brownies are gorgeous, rich in flavor, but not overwhelmingly sweet. A decadent and fudgy brownie base is topped with a layer of sweet vegan cream cheese and homemade blackberry jam. Make these treats when blackberries are in season and you need an easy dessert to bring along to summer barbecues.

We think that chocolate anything is fantastic, but fruit and chocolate together? It’s like a dream come true.

Lead image source: Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches

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