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The Super Bowl is this Sunday! Have you planned your game day menu yet? Every year, millions of people tune in to watch the big game. Even if you’re not a fan of football, there are still things to look forward to, like the halftime show, the commercials, and of course, the snacks! Traditionally, the Super Bowl is a time to munch on finger foods like chicken wings, loaded fries, and cheesy dips, but we can easily make all that vegan. Even if you’re not planning on having a get-together for the Super Bowl, why not have a Puppy Bowl party with your friends?

Check out everything we’ve done in previous years: Touchdown! 30 Perfect Recipes for Your Super Bowl (or Puppy Bowl) Party30 Finger Foods For Your Super Bowl Party … So Good You Won’t Even Mind the Mess!, and 25 Vegan Comfort Foods for The Ultimate Super Bowl Party. Then, get ready because this year, we have 15 perfectly shareable and innovative appetizers and snacks that will have your guests begging for the recipe.

1. Buffalo Tofu ‘Wings’

BBQ Tofu Wings

Whether or not you care about who wins the game, we can all agree that watching sports should always be accompanied by delicious snacks, like these Buffalo Tofu Wings.” They’re dredged in a flour batter, fried, and then tossed in a delicious spicy sauce that’ll make your lips tingle, so be sure to serve them with the dairy-free ranch sauce and some celery sticks. You also don’t have to feel restricted to just tofu — try it with tempeh or seitan!

2. Cauliflower Tots With Herbed Tofu Dip

Cauliflower Tots

Tater tots were a coveted high school lunch staple for many of us. Well, these Cauliflower Tots With Herbed Tofu Dip are like tater tats 2.0 — and they’re so good, you’ll never want to share them with anyone. Cauliflower is cooked then blended with bread crumbs and plenty of seasoning, then shaped and baked until crispy on the outside. These baked tots paired with the herbed tofu dip make a great appetizer for game day, movie night, or a weekend snack.

3. Roasted Red Pepper Almond and Harissa Dip

Roasted Red Pepper Almond and Harissa Dip b

Need a last minute appetizer to serve to company? Forget salsa! Try something new, like this Roasted Red Pepper Almond and Harissa Dip. It’s infused with Egyptian flavors is quick and simple to make, but it’s bursting with flavor. Red bell peppers and almonds are puréed with caraway seeds, cumin, coriander, and chili flakes to make it spicy. Serve it with crackers and crisp veggies.

4. Korean BBQ Wonton Nachos 

=Korean BBQ Wonton Nachos c

These crispy Korean BBQ Wonton Nachos are fusion food at its finest. Wonton wrappers are sliced into nacho shapes, then baked until crispy and given the works — vegan Korean “pork,” barbecue sauce, spicy jalapeños, avocado, and fresh cilantro. Your guests will devour these in an instant.

5. Spicy BBQ Cauliflower Wings With Cashew Dipping Sauce 

Spicy BBQ Cauliflower Wings With a Cashew Dipping Sauce

Cauliflower wings are the perfect finger food for you and you friends to grub down on and these Spicy BBQ Cauliflower Wings With Cashew Dipping Sauce are especially good. The baked breading provides a tasty, crunchy mouth feel to the cauliflower that is finished with some tangy spice from the sauce. Forget game day, these are for every day.

6. Noodle Wrapped Potato Bundles 

Noodle Wrapped Potato Bundles

This creative appetizer is absolutely delicious — Noodle Wrapped Potato Bundles! The noodles create a super-crisp layer over molten-soft potatoes. If you are making these for a large party, wrap them up the night before and refrigerate them. The next day, fry or bake them just in time and you’ll have guests swooning over these …. and don’t forget! Dip them generously in your favorite condiment and serve straight out of the oven!

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Spicy Crunchy Cauliflower Wings

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7. Healthier Roast Garlic and Onion Dip 

Healthier Roast Garlic and Onion Dip

Need a dip for the weekend game day get-together that doesn’t break the calorie bank? This Healthier Roast Garlic and Onion Dip is a real crowd pleaser — there won’t be any leftovers. Start by caramelizing two whole heads of garlic. Then, you toast some dehydrated onions and add them to flavorful seasonings: parsley, celery seeds, roasted scallions, and nutritional yeast. Blend it all up with some silken tofu and it’s good to go!

8. Baked Cashew Mozzarella 

breaded mozz

Remember mozzarella sticks? Well, this Baked Cashew Mozzarella is like the grown-up version — because sometimes, we all need some breaded cheese in our lives. These cashew mozzarella sticks are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside just like you dreamed they would be.

9. Twice-Baked Potato Bites With Coconut Bacon

Twice Baked Potato Bites 1

These Twice-Baked Potato Bites With Coconut Bacon are a delicious and unique treat to serve at your next get together. Stuffed with a creamy and buttery mixture of potatoes, sour cream, and chives, and then topped with smoky, maple coconut bacon, these bites are bound to be a crowd favorite! Serve with some extra sour cream on the side for dipping.

10. Beer Battered Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

Beer Battered Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms [Vegan]

The only thing better than a vegan appetizer is one that’s quick and easy to make. These Beer Battered Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms are just that. They’re snackable full of subtle flavor. Customize the recipe with whatever spices you like and serve with vegan tartar sauce!

11. Kung Pao Cauliflower Bites

Kung Pao Cauliflower Bites

The sauce on these Kung Pao Cauliflower Bites will change your life. It’s spicy, sweet, umami, and the perfect coating to these crispy cauliflower bites. Serve these as an appetizer with extra sauce on the side for dipping. Or, serve them with rice as a meal — believe us, you’ll want to eat these day in and day out.

12. Spinach Dip Rolls

Spinach Dip Rolls

Dairy-free spinach dip is fantastic, but how do you make it even better? You stuff it in a crescent roll, season it with garlic and onion powder, and roll it in crunchy bread crumbs. These Spinach Dip Rolls are easy to make and even easier to eat, so you might want to double up on the batch if you’re making it for a party. If you really love spinach dip, you can even dip your spinach dip rolls in any extra filling. Now that’s what we’re talking about.

13. Yuca and Black Bean Chili Plantain Cups 


Bread bowls are so last year. Step up your chili game with these bite-sized Yuca and Black Bean Chili Plantain Cups. This recipe piles a hearty yuca and black bean chili into a crispy, homemade plantain cup for the bet chili dish this side of the border.

14. Korean Barbecue Tofu ‘Wings’ 

Korean Barbecue Tofu

There’s nothing like the sweet, tangy, hot taste of Korean barbecue! In this recipe for Korean Barbecue Tofu ‘Wings’, tofu triangles are marinated in a homemade Korean barbecue sauce and then baked until the edges are just a tiny bit crispy and the sauce on the outside is that addictive stickiness that makes barbecue wings so craveable. These are the perfect appetizer for any occasion.

15. Parsley Sesame Pizza Dough Twists 

Parsley Sesame Pizza Dough Twists 8

Who says pizza dough can only be used for making pies? Try something new and make these fun Parsley Sesame Pizza Dough Twists. You could sprinkle them with all sorts of herbs, but this particular recipe calls for plenty of parsley and garlic. Buttery and fluffy, these are addictively good on their own or you could pair them with a tasty dip for the ultimate appetizer or snack.

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