Italian food is delicious, flavorful, and versatile, especially when it comes to plant-based options. You are likely to find plenty of pasta dishes to enjoy in an Italian restaurant, however, the chances that you’ll be able to find a protein source other than eggplant is unlikely. And even then, most breaded eggplant is dipped in egg yolk at some point or topped with mozzarella.

Thankfully, you can make your own delicious Italian food right at home, no meat or cheese necessary!  Think it’s impossible? Maybe that was the case a decade ago. Nowadays, no challenge is too big! Whether it’s finding a creamy and decadent pasta sauce that’s dairy-free, a hearty vegetable or legume that can emulate meat, or a pesto that doesn’t contain Parmesan cheese, there is bound to be a meatless and dairy-free version somewhere! Well, we’ve scoured the Internet in search of Italian cooking essentials and have found everything you need to make some seriously delicious Italian fare. Here are 14 products that’ll have you cooking like a real paisano (minus the meat and dairy).