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A recent UK study found that many children either already eat a vegan-based diet or would like to! It found that a majority of children are or want to be meat-free!

The report focused on a group of 1,000 children, ages of 5 to 16, and included questions about their current diet as well as what they would like their diet to include. It found that 8% of the children already followed a vegan diet, while 15% wanted to eat a vegan diet. The report found that 13% of the children were also vegetarian, while 21% wanted to eat a vegetarian diet. 

Christine Hayes, Editor of BBC Good Food, said, “It was fascinating to survey children’s eating habits, behaviors and opinions around food. They are passionate about exploring alternative diets and methods of food production that could be more sustainable for the planet.”

Many children also showed the desire to cook more homemade foods and to use less plastic packaging. When asked about the future of the food industry and what they hoped it would be like, 44% of children said that they hoped there would be less plastic food packaging.

This report is an interesting insight into the opinions of the younger generation and how they are already dedicated to making better decisions at such a young age.

Less meat, dairy, and egg consumption are vital for achieving a dramatic cut down on greenhouse emissions. Thus, it’s amazing that future generations are already taking steps to fight climate change through what they eat. 

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