Some of the biggest brands in the world are recognizing that people want more plant-based options. This include Pepsi Co., Quaker, and even McDonald’s. Kellogg’s, the famous cereal brand that’s been around since 1898, has now launched a plant-based, healthy line of cereal made with fruits and vegetables called “No Sugar Added.”

Kellogg's No Sugar Added Granola

Source: Nutrition Insight


As the name implies, there is no added sugar in these cereals. They are made with wholesome ingredients like carrot, apple, raisins, walnuts, and more. The “No Sugar Added” line includes No Sugar Added Granolas in the flavors Apricot & Pumpkin Seeds and Coconut Cashew & Almond. There are also the Organic Wholegrain Wheats in the flavors Original and Raisin. Lastly, there’s a Super Grains Granola in the flavors Cranberry and Sultana & Spelt.

Emma Birks, W.K.Kellogg Brand Manager for the UK and Ireland says, “We’re committed to creating foods which suit changing consumer diets and with people increasingly seeking more plant-based foods, the W.K.Kellogg range is crucial to our portfolio. The brand will satisfy consumers searching the aisles for organic, vegan-friendly foods with natural flavorings and the ‘No Added Sugar’ label.”

These cereals are currently available in the UK and are hopefully just the start to more similar plant-based, healthy products.

Make Your Own Granola

Are you excited that companies are now offering more plant-based options, but would still rather homemade foods? We totally understand! Try these recipes from our Food Monster App for your very own homemade plant-based granola:


1. Cinnamon Crunch Granola

Cinnamon crunch granola

Source: Cinnamon Crunch Granola

Are you searching for a sugar- and oil-free granola recipe that does not have an overwhelming list of ingredients? This easy and tasty Cinnamon Crunch Granola by Melanie Jacobs is much better (and healthier) than all those boxed varieties from the store.

2. Orange, Ginger, and Fig Granola

Orange, ginger, and fig granola

Source: Orange, Ginger, and Fig Granola

Looking for a change from your oats or smoothie for breakfast? Have a bowl of this Orange, Ginger, and Fig Granola by Tiana Haines with some fruit and homemade almond milk or on top of a smoothie bowl for extra goodness!


3. Maple Spice Granola

Maple Spice Granola

Source: Maple Spice Granola

Claire Ragozzino‘s Maple Spice Granola recipe versatile and easy to modify flavor combinations using a variety of fruits and nuts to shift the seasonal focus – think chocolate/cherry, banana/walnut, coconut/apricot and more. This variety uses warming spices and mix of fresh apples and dried cherries.


We hope you enjoy these delicious granola recipes. For more, download our Food Monster App where we have over 15,000 vegan and allergy-friendly recipes!