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You’ve heard about the benefits of eating those coveted greens. They’re powerhouse foods packed with vitamins A, C, and K, as well as nutrients and vitamins like calcium, folate, and iron.

Do you want to get even more of the nutritional benefits of greens without always tasting them? You’re in luck; there are many ways to hide greens in our food, especially in sweets. Here are five sneaky ways to get greens in unsuspecting desserts:

1. Brownies 

Try tucking the kale in some brownies. This recipe uses 3 cups of kale or spinach leaves plus applesauce, ground flax, coconut flour, cocoa powder, and other ingredients. These brownies are rich and chocolaty. Visually, they contain specks of kale, so know that you won’t be able to hide the leaf completely. You can see the kale, but you’ll taste chocolate brownie. Yum!

2. Muffins 

Many spinach muffins recipes are savory, but you can make a sweet rendition (you just have to veganize it) with this green monster muffin recipe. Their vibrant green color is fun and can work with kids because of the “monster” theme. They’re great for St. Patrick’s Day.

3. Ice cream 

Yes, you can even consume spinach in a tasty way through ice cream. This recipe for spinach ice cream from Chocolate Covered Katie hides the spinach taste so well. Ingredients include healthy, wholesome plant foods like bananas, peppermint extract, almond milk, and chocolate chips.

4. Truffles

Instead of baking kale leafs into baked goods, another option to consume greens in sweets is to use kale chips for an unsuspecting crunch. Try this recipe for coconut cacao kale chip chocolate raspberry truffles. It uses New York Naturals Coconut Cacao kale chips as a crunchy coating for the truffle. Experiment with your own homemade kale chips.

5. Pie

Sweeten up your spinach by baking it into a tasty sweet spinach pie. This recipe calls for eggs and butter, but use your preferred vegan alternatives to these ingredients. The filling includes spinach, almonds, pine nuts, sugar, and lemon peel, so the end result is a sweet taste that includes plenty of spinach in the filling. Or if you dare, you can try this VERY green Spirulina Pie.

The next time you want to chow down on greens but want to avoid the sometimes-bitter taste, try baking them into desserts for a delicious way to sneak in some nutrients.

Image Source: Kale Brownies by Chocolate Covered Katie

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