Johnny Rockets, an American restaurant franchise known for its meaty burgers and diner-style interior, is the latest chain to add a plant-based burger to its menu. Following in the footsteps of chains like Epic Burger, which offers the Beyond Burger, and HopDoddy, which offers the Impossible Burger, Johnny Rockets will be adding the meat-free Gardein patty to its lineup.

Considering one in ten Millennials now identifies as vegetarian or vegan, it comes as no surprise that Johnny Rockets wants to cater to plant-based eaters that otherwise might have steered clear of the chain. The Gardein black bean burger will be served at all 400 Johnny Rockets outlets in over 28 countries.


The Gardein patty is made from black beans, brown rice, corn and bell peppers, and will be served with fresh tomato and leaf lettuce on a whole-wheat bun. 

Customers will also have the option to customize their vegan burgers by adding a variety of vegetables, and will be given the option to substitute the traditional brioche bun with an Udi’s Gluten-Free bun.

“We are proud to announce these exciting innovations to the Johnny Rockets menu,” James Walker, President of Operations and Development, said in a press release. “These changes emphasize our commitment to the quality premium burgers that the Johnny Rockets brand is known for, and strives to meet the evolving tastes of our loyal customers with an expanded range of flavorful, healthful menu choices.”

You can make your own black bean burger!

If you aren’t a fan of dining out but still want to enjoy a hearty veggie burger, no worries. There are plenty of different satisfying recipes you can make at home that draws inspiration from Johnny Rockets’ new Gardein burger. Our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook, is brimming with over 8,000 delicious, plant-based recipes that are allergy-friendly and should make finding your next favorite burger a pinch.


We’d like to recommend this Black Bean Burger with Cilantro Lime Sauce for starters. The cool and tangy sauce pairs well with the spicy black bean patty.

We also are loving these Sriracha Black Bean Burgers for when we’re in the mood for a real spicy treat, or these Black Bean Hemp Burgers, which are packed with filling fiber and protein. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

If you’re inspired by any of the above recipes, we recommend you download the Food Monster App and get to browsing now. You’re bound to find your perfect plant-based burger soon.

Lead image source: Gardein/Facebook