Impossible Foods became a household name when their meaty plant-based burger patty became a hit. It’s so popular it’s even available at Burger King in the form of a whopper. They finally debuted at grocery stores a few months ago and appear to be expanding into other kinds of meat alternatives. Recently, they announced their plant-based pork and shared that they are working on meatless bacon that will even convince meat lovers.

Now, in honor of Chinese New Year, they’ve collaborated with four local restaurants in Hong Kong to create plant-based dim sum dishes.

The goal of this collaboration is to celebrate a more sustainable Chinese New Year. Impossible Foods, who have won a climate award from the UN, told One Green Planet: “Climate change is having a devastating effect on our planet and it is more imperative than ever that we work towards a more sustainable global food system. Every 1 KG of beef substituted for Impossible™ plant-based meat reduces 60 square meter of land-use, 27kg of carbon emissions, 734L of water and 3.4g of water pollution.”

The four restaurants they worked with are Modern China, Red House, Seansin Seafood Hotpot Experts and The Drunken Pot.

At Modern China, they’re launching the Impossible™ Dumplings Platter and Impossible™ Wontons in Spicy Pickled Vegetable Soup.

Plant-based Impossible dumplings at Modern China

Image Source: Courtesy of Impossible Foods

Red House will be launching the Impossible™ Shanghai Spicy Dumpling, Pan-fried Impossible™ Meat and Leek Dumpling, and Steamed Impossible™ Meat and Eggplant.

Steamed Impossible™ Meat and Eggplant

Image Source: Courtesy of Impossible Foods

Over at Seansin Seafood Hotpot Experts, the following dim sum dishes will be available: Impossible™ Spicy Dumplings, Deep Fried Dough Stick with Impossible™, and Stuffed Mushroom with Impossible™.Stuffed Mushroom with Impossible™

Image Source: Courtesy of Impossible Foods

The Drunken Pot will be offering the Impossible™ Golden Rat Dumplings, Impossible™ Vegetables Xiao Long Bao, and Impossible™ Big Four Happiness.Impossible™ Big Four Happiness

Image Source: Courtesy of Impossible Foods

All the dishes above have been available at the restaurants as of January 21st. People on Hong Kong will have the option of choosing more sustainable plant-based dim sum meals when they eat out.

If you’re craving dim sum now, but are not in the Hong Kong area, we have some delicious plant-based recipes from the Food Monster App for you to try:

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