Iceland, a UK based supermarket specializing in frozen foods, will now be launching 13 of their own vegan-friendly frozen food products. This launch will put Iceland at the top of retailers who provide frozen plant-based foods.

In order to meet the demand of meat-free substitutes, Iceland’s new line will include chorizo sausages, chicken, burgers, and mincemeat, all 100% vegan-friendly. Their hope is to not only capitalize on the growing vegan market, but the flexitarian market, or consumers who wish to reduce their meat consumption.


After the success of their “No Bull” burgers made with soy protein and beetroot extract back in April, Iceland knew they had to continue with a plant based expansion. Head Chef at Iceland, Neil Nugent, explains that, “We had tremendous success with the No Bull Burger and it’s clear our customers want more from us. In creating this range, we have embraced the nation’s love for alternative plant-based foods in an innovative and exciting way.” Neil also goes on to say that, “The growth of the vegan food market in the UK has been rapid, with 56% of adults now saying that they are adopting vegan behavior when conducting their supermarket shop.”

Some of their new products will include a paella dish with chicken-less chicken, spicy jalapeno meat substitutes, pork-less chorizo slices, and Asian inspired wheat, tofu, and vegetable burgers. These new products, unlike many other supermarkets, will be sold in a meat-free cabinet at Iceland supermarkets starting in September.

Are you vegan or a flexitarian?

Either way, if you are looking to cut back on your meat consumption, we’ve got you covered with meat-less recipes from our Food Monster App!

Mexican Chorizo

This Mexican-style chorizo sausage is completely pork-less and is made with extra firm tofu and mushrooms instead! It is the perfect addition to a meat-less taco Tuesday!


Asian Quinoa Burgers

These Asian Quinoa Burgers have lots of flavor and protein and are a unique take on the classic veggie burger.

Vegetable Paella 

This paella is hearty, delicious, and infused with fragrant spices like saffron and garlic. You won’t even miss the meat!

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Lead Image Source: Graham Soult/Flickr