Yes, giving up cheese is scary.  That creamy, yellow sauce ladled over your childhood macaroni. The thinly sliced layer of ooey-gooey goodness nestled between a burger patty and bun. And that decadent, cream cheese-made cake, drizzled with cherry glaze. It all sounds enticing until you realize that dairy cheese is not the answer.

That dairy that you might still so desperately hold on to has a deeper, darker story. Dairy cheese comes from cows, and contrary to what you might think, these cows are not frolicking all day in the green grass meadows, happily waiting for a local farmer to milk them, as ads might show. These cows are confined in small, dark cages, hooked up on milking machines. They do not get to socialize with other cows and certainly do not get to see their babies, which are immediately taken from them at birth.


And contrary to popular belief, you can get plenty of calcium through plant-based foods, including kale, broccoli, and spinach. Here’s 10 Dairy-Free Foods Packed with Calcium. You too can reap all the benefits of dairy without the cruelty with these plant-based cheese alternatives to popular cheesy favorites below:

1. Macaroni and Cheese

This childhood staple is clearly one that’ll be hard to let go of. Whether you remember it from the classic blue box or made from scratch by your mom, macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Luckily, there are vegan options available! With the help of nutritional yeast, plant-based milk, cashews, and vegan butter, macaroni and cheese just got veganized! And trust me, guests will never guess the difference. For creamy, rich, cheesy goodness, check out this Very Vegan Mac ‘N Cheeze:

Very Vegan Mac ‘N Cheeze

Vegan Mac and Cheese


For more mac and cheese goodness, try Extra Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese, Mac N’ Squash, or Cheesy Vegan Mac N’ Yeast.