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Baked feta pasta has taken over the internet. It’s so popular that Finland actually ran out of feta cheese! The creamy and flavorful dish is quite simple to make, but tastes like it’s from a five-star restaurant. Plus, it’s super easy to veganize! If you’re vegan or dairy-free, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy this trend too.

There are so many innovative vegan recipes for baked feta pasta that use dairy-free alternatives to feta cheese and we’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best! From a classic feta pasta that uses store-bought plant-based feta, to more a unique creation that uses chocolate and bananas, there’s something for everyone on this list!

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1. With Store-Bought Vegan Cheese

Source: Veggiekins/YouTube

Like, Veggiekins, most vegan feta pasta makers are using Violife’s vegan feta. It’s pretty to easy to find and super creamy! There’s also another version by @okrikky that uses Follow Your Heart vegan feta crumbles and one by This Savory Vegan that uses Miyokos classic chive vegan cheese. There are so many ways to go and so many dairy-free cheeses to try!

2. With Homemade Feta Cheese 

@plantyouBaked Feta Pasta, but make it VEGAN. ##vegan ##pasta ##feta ##fetapasta ##uunifeta♬ Respect – Aretha Franklin

Source: @plantyou

This vegan baked feta mac and cheese is so good that it got the attention of Lizzo, who also made her own veg feta pasta recently. The base for this feta uses tofu, cashews, and a blend of seasonings. If you’re feeling something a bit more creative, you should also check out @plantyou‘s vegan baked feta mac and cheese!

3. For Those With Other Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

@sabraAttention all vegans and plant-based eaters, this one is for you! #pasta #fetapasta #vegan #plantbased #foodtiktok #hummus #roastedpepper #foodtik♬ original sound – sabrahummusdips

Source: Sabra

Vegan’s with dietary restrictions can still enjoy this viral trend! Gluten-free? Try using palm hearts of palm noodles like @blogilates, spaghetti squash like @jennabuttke55, or just use your favorite gluten-free pasta! Soy-free? Check out this vegan feta pasta by @bearenger that is made with cashews and no tofu. Allergic to nuts? Try this nut-free version by @claudiakathryn that just uses tofu as the feta base or just use a block of silken tofu instead of feta like @annmarieelaban! If you’re allergic to nuts and soy, you can just use hummus instead of feta like @Sabra! You should also check out @whitlauritsen‘s list of swaps you can make!

4. Try Different Cuisines

@sheiscookingagainAsian wife making popular “Feta Pasta” w/ TOFU and RAMEN. Tastes waaaay better than the original version🤫 ##trending ##fetapasta ##vegan ##cooking♬ Asian – AShamaluevMusic

Source: @sheiscookingagain

By making a few easy swaps, @sheiscookingagain made a delicious Asian-inspired version of feta pasta! The creative spin features tofu, ramen noodles, rice, sesame oil, hot sauce, dried seaweed, and sesame seeds! @linda.1020 also made an Asian-inspired version of the viral recipe using cabbage and rice instead of noodles!

5. Getting a Bit More Creative

@celiacinsydneyFeta pasta inspired dessert 😊##fetapastachallenge ##fetapastarecipe ##fetapasta ##vegandesserts ##glutenfreerecipes ##chocolate🍫 ##asmrfoods ##swirl ##fyp

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes


Some of the recipes venture quite far from the original recipe, but that’s what so fun about it! This version by @celiacinsydney takes the original concept and swaps all the savory ingredients out for sweet ones for a delicious dessert “feta pasta!” Not into sweet foods, but still want something more creative? Try this breakfast oatmeal feta pasta by @goldenthekitchen or this feta pasta-inspired couscous bake by @veganforyou!

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Here are some great resources to get you started:

Check out these delicious vegan feta recipes that you can make at home:

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