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Ever tried making a green smoothie that tasted too “green?” You were so psyched to make one, started adding a bunch of fruits and veggies, blended, and sipped. But, before you know it, the ideal smoothie taste you had in your mind was ruined by the bitterness of your creation. This doesn’t have to be you!

There are a few simple rules when making a basic, beginner green smoothie that will leave you wanting more. Let’s take a look at the essentials:

1. Choose Your Greens

There are many greens to choose from when it comes to making a green smoothie, from kale to Swiss chard. You can even add dandelion greens if you’re up for it! However, certain leafy greens are more bitter, while others are a bit peppery (or spicy you could say). For beginners, it’s best to start with something less “green” tasting, such as spinach and chard. But, definitely, up your green intake with other dark, leafy greens. Don’t be afraid of the bitterness! Add two cups of greens into your blender.

2. Choose Your Liquids

I personally rotate between almond and soy milk, but the choices are plenty. You can choose from coconut milk, coconut water, and other alternative plant-based milks. If you’re watching your weight, use some water for a lower calorie (in a already low-calorie) smoothie. Add a equal proportion of liquid to your blender. So, if you added two cups of spinach, add two cups of your choice of liquid.

3. Choose Your Fruits

Choose from sweet fruits, such as bananas and mangoes, to help take away the bitterness of a green smoothie. Add some berries, apple slices, peaches, you name it. What’s more? If you freeze bananas beforehand or place some berries in the fridge, you can create a colder smoothie (without the ice). I like to add fridge-chilled blueberries or frozen strawberries into my smoothies. Choose your favorite combinations. Add three cups of fruits into your smoothies. The more fruits added, the less your smoothie will taste like drinking a salad.

4. Choose Your Boosters

Here’s where you can get an added boost into your diet. From chia seeds to protein powder, you can choose what you like most and add it accordingly. Good choices include chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp, cacao, and acai powder. Protein powders add extra nutritional benefits to your green smoothie. I like using Vega One french vanilla powder. Add what you like and blend!

That’s it! It takes only a few steps to create a basic, beginner green smoothie that will rock!

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Image source: The Best Green Smoothie Ever