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The show that taught the world how to have fun in the kitchen with handy hacks is making its way back onto our T.V. screens. Alton Brown’s Good Eats is set to return in 2018 on The Food Network with a slight change to the name. Now called Return of the Eats, Brown still plans to help home cooks enjoy their time in the kitchen by sharing his knowledge of food and a plethora of cooking tips and tricks.

Since the show left the air on The Food Network in 2011, viewers have been forced to rely on Brown’s old kitchen hacks to be resourceful and strategic in their kitchens. With new shows on the way, however, that means viewers will have more inventive ways to transform their food.

Favorite Alton Brown Cooking Hacks Used for Plant-Based Meals

Brown’s cooking hacks, tips, and tricks are famous for making cooking easier, budget-friendly, and more fun for home cooks. Use these recipes from the Food Monster app to try out some of Brown’s cooking hacks!

1. Use a Strainer to Make Your Own Dairy-Free Greek YogurtCoyo Coconut Yoghurt 2

You no longer have to run out to the store when you’re craving some Greek yogurt. With Brown’s helpful of using a strainer to make Greek yogurt, you can easily do this in the comfort of your home. Make it a dairy-free Greek yogurt with this Homemade Coconut Greek Yogurt recipe by Karen Kitto. All you need are a few ingredients and kitchen tools to enjoy dairy-free Greek yogurt. Grab some full-fat coconut milk, guar gum, and some plant-based coconut yogurt. Simply strain the mixture before eating to make the consistency thicker and creamier.

2. Make Guacamole With a Potato Masher!Ultimate Guac

Save time and reduce frustration when making this tasty dip for your next party. Brown suggests using a potato masher to smash up the avocado into the ideal texture for guacamole. Use Christina Bedetta’s recipe for the Ultimate Guacamole to really impress your guests.

3. Inventive Uses for the Waffle IronPS0020 006crop E1405395285129

Waffles are a great addition to any brunch spread. What do you do with your waffle iron the rest of the time, though? There’s no reason to let a perfectly good kitchen appliance gather dust on a shelf. With Brown’s waffle iron hack, you can learn to make a variety of dishes. While he suggests frying up bacon or making flatbread in your waffle iron, you can take this hack and make some plant-based meals, too. Follow Natalie Slater’s unique recipe for Falafel Waffles to enjoy a crispy hummus recipe without needing to deep fry anything!

4. Create Your Own Tin Foil Pan to Protect Your Asparagus Pan Seared Lemon And Garlic Asparagus 31

When cooking any vegetable in the oven, it’s easy to accidentally burn the edges. Keep your asparagus tips from burning with this handy hack. Brown suggests creating a tin foil pan with raised edges that slightly cover the asparagus tips. That way they’re protected throughout the cooking process so they don’t overcook! Use Tori Cooper’s recipe for Pan-Seared Lemon and Garlic Asparagus to give this hack a try!

5. Use a Coffee Grinder to Make Spice BlendsSpice

Want to learn how to make your own special spice blend? With Alenoosh Matakupan‘s recipe for Homemade Caribbean Spice Blend now you can! Take your thriftiness a step further by learning how to blend your own spices, too! All you need are some whole spices and a coffee maker. Brown instructs on how to combine whole spices in a coffee maker to create the perfect spice blend for your favorite recipes.

Want more kitchen hacks? Here are food hacks to use when you’re on a budget!

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