When it comes to food there are a few things we’ve learned over the years. It’s never too early for ice cream, it’s never too late to give that vegetable you hated as a kid another shot, and it’s never too hot outside for spicy food. The last one strikes a particular chord with us. Here, at One Green Planet, we love hot foods! They warm our bellies, awaken our taste buds, and set our tongues aflame. Some people call it masochistic, we call it delicious!

In fact, we love spicy food so much, we’ve curated an entire collection in its honor! The aptly named Hot and Spicy Collection on the Food Monster app is an ode to all of the fiery, smoky, and hot recipes that we adore. Whether you’re craving something light, sticky, extreme, or dip-able, we have amazing spice-tastic recipes for all of your needs! Just take a look at some of the recipes currently setting the Food Monster app on fire:


Hot and Spicy Snacks Collage

Spicy snacks are great. They wake you up when you need to study, they’re flavorful and easy-to-make, and since they’re spicy, you can’t scarf them down at the same rate as you would, say, a bag of potato chips. The Food Monster app (available for download right here) has plenty of party favorites, as well as awesome snacks you can enjoy at any time.

We have zesty vegetable fries, roasted chickpeas with Chipotle pepper spices, and even a jalapeño skin recipe, if you’re really feeling wild. Plus, we take all of your spicy favorites and create things you wouldn’t find at any old run-of-the-mill bar. Sure buffalo wings are pretty good, but have you ever had buffalo cauliflower bites? Ya, we didn’t think so.


Hot and Spicy Meals Collage

Of course, if you’re a spicy lover, you don’t want to limit your hot food intake to just snacks. After all, spices can add wonderful depth and complexity to any dish. Quinoa burgers are suddenly kicked up a notch, caesar salads have a spicy flair, and spiralized noodle dishes go from light and fresh to fiery and bold.

Plus, the Food Monster app has plenty of yummy side dishes if you feel like having a little oomph with your meal. So, instead of just a garden salad, you can have a garden salad with buffalo avocado “wings” on the side! That way you can still get your veggies in a fun and tasty way!


Hot and Spicy Sauce Collage

What would a Hot and Spicy Collection be without some amazing hot sauces?! The Food Monster app has got you covered! Whether it’s pure savory goodness like our Raw Jalapeño Sauce, or it’s a mixture of sweet and spicy like our Peach Habanero Sauce, we have sauces for all of your spicy cravings. Plus, you can use our sauces to apply specific cuisine flavors to your dishes. Try the Thai chili sauce in your next stir fry, spicy Indian-style tomato sauce in your next curry, and a zesty Pimento cheese sauce in your next taco. Deeelish.

Use our sauces to drizzle, dip, sautée, and marinate all of your favorite plant proteins and veggies. We leave you in charge of your own spicy destiny! And don’t worry, we have plenty of veganized dips like Ranch and Blue Cheez, so you can cool down too.

With the Food Monster app, your next spicy experience is just a scroll away, so get scrollin’!

One Green Planet’s Food Monster App makes eating plant-based and planet-friendly easier than ever! The App boasts 5000+ recipes (10+ added daily), making it one of the largest collections of meatless and dairy-free recipes. Scroll through thousands of mouth-watering recipes that contain no meat, dairy, or eggs, and no major environmental impact. The Food Monster app will bring thousands of delicious plant-based recipes into the palm of your hands and make it easier for everyone to #EatForThePlanet.