There’s nothing quite like relaxing at the end of the day with a hot cup of herbal tea and a cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth. Going beyond the classic chocolate chip cookie, there are so many brand-name cookies that have become icons. Unfortunately, many of them are not vegan or they are very high in refined sugar – or contain other ingredients that we would rather avoid. Luckily, we can make vegan versions of any of our favorite cookies.

Why do homemade instead of buying cookies from a store? For one, when you make cookies yourself, you control the ingredients. You don’t have to worry about any sort of preservatives and you can cut back on the sugar or opt for natural fruit-based sweeteners like applesauce or mashed banana. It also helps that cookies are perhaps the most effortless dessert you can make and are super-giftable. If you need to bring something to a potluck, nobody is going to be mad at you for bringing a plate of cookies — especially if those cookies resemble a favorite, like Thin Mints or Oreos.


Sounds like reason enough to get baking. So, get your aprons on because you’re going to want to spend all day in the kitchen after you see these 15 cookie recipes.

1. Thin Mint Cookies


Everyone knows Thin Mints, those irresistible Girl Scout cookies. While Thin Mints made by ABC Bakers are, in fact, vegan (rejoice!), these homemade Thin Mint Cookies are a healthier take. Make with whole wheat flour, ground flax seed, and no refined sugar, they’re just as delightfully crispy and minty as the original. And just like the original, you’ll have a hard time stopping at just one.

2. Raw Fig Newtons

Raw Fig Newtons [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
Fig Newtons: you either love them or you hate them, but whatever your feelings towards the original cookie are, we guarantee you’ll fall head over heels for these Raw Fig Newtons. One bite of sweet figs wrapped in a chewy almond-chia dough will get you hooked instantly! Plus, they’re made from wholesome ingredients and make a perfect energy-boosting sweet snack.

3. Cookie Crisp Cereal

Cookie Crisp Cereal

Yeah, this is technically for breakfast … but hey, it’s cookies! This crunchy Cookie Crisp Cereal is the ultimate breakfast (or anytime) treat. Itty bitty chocolate chip almond flour cookies, sweetened with dates and a splash of vanilla extract are baked in the oven until golden and crisp. Serve this cereal with your favorite non-dairy milk and savor its sweet flavor.

4. Raw Peppermint Oreos Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Raw Peppermint Oreos Dipped in Dark Chocolate

You’ve probably come across chocolate-covered Oreos at a farmer’s market, fancy confectionary shop, or carnival. Well, these Raw Peppermint Oreos Dipped in Dark Chocolate blow those out of the water. Basically, we’ve got chewy chocolate cookies sandwiching a peppermint vanilla coconut creme filling. Oh right, then all the cookies are dipped in chocolate, making them double chocolate. Can life get any better? Well, yeah, because these are also really good for you and easy to make. Okay, now life can’t get any better.


5. Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

milk chocolat digestive biscuits

If there is one thing we cannot deny, it’s that Europe is big on biscuits. Not cookies — biscuits. One of the best-known biscuits to come out of Europe are semi-sweet cookies who got their name because when they debuted, it was believed that baking soda had antacid properties. These Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits are made from a blend of ground almonds and whole wheat flour instead of white flour and covered with a silky, creamy non-dairy milk chocolate. Yum!

6. Peanut Buttery Sandwich Cookies

Peanut Buttery Sandwich Cookies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
If you are a peanut butter fan, you should definitely double this recipe for Peanut Buttery Sandwich Cookies — and then make an extra batch. Really buttery and not-too-sweet, these are full of healthy fats and protein from the nuts. They’re easily made gluten-free, too so if those peanut butter sandwich cookies are your jam, then these will be a delight.

7. Homemade Wagon Wheels

Homemade Wagon Wheels [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Never heard of wagon wheels? They’re a popular cookie snack in the U.K. and Australia consisting of marshmallow fluff sandwiched between two soft cookies. These Homemade Wagon Wheels are stuffed with a sugar-free marshmallow fluff that’s made using aquafaba (the brine from a can of chickpeas). They’re also covered with chocolate, so hello!

8. Almond Butter Tagalongs

Almond Butter Tagalongs 1

A crunchy vanilla cookie, a smooth layer of peanut butter, and a delicious chocolatey coating – it’s no wonder people love tagalongs! These Almond Butter Tagalongs swaps peanut butter for almond butter and keeps the dairy out of the chocolate coating. The result is a cookie that will be just as tasty as the original, you’ll want to make homemade versions of all of your other favorites too!

9. Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts

Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts [Vegan]

If you love frosted strawberry pop tarts and sugar cookies, this is the recipe for you! In this recipe for Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts, two timeless sweet snacks come together to create the ultimate flavor combo you never knew you needed in your life — a sweet sugar cookie pastry with a fruity strawberry jam center. Oh yeah, it’s real.


10. Chocolate Chip, Cornflake, and Marshmallow Cookies

Chocolate Chip, Cornflake and Marshmallow Cookies [Vegan]

These Chocolate Chip, Cornflake, and Marshmallow Cookies recreate the cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar to a T! The idea is so simple — melty chocolate chips, gooey marshmallow, crunchy corn flakes — but so good. Serve these cookies with a tall glass of your favorite non-dairy milk.

11. British Baileys Bourbon Cream Biscuits

Baileys Bourbon Creams [Vegan]
A note non-Brits: a Bourbon cream is the most attractive and delightful little biscuit there ever was. No, it does not contain Bourbon. It’s totally non-alcoholic and surprisingly can often be found to contain no eggs or dairy, just vegetable oils. But it’s never sold with a Baileys cream center and that’s what makes these British Baileys Bourbon Cream Biscuits so special and so delicious.

12. Spiced Speculaas Cookies


Speculaas, also called speculoos is a cookie made for the Saint Nicholas feast in the Netherlands, Belgium, and closer to Christmas in Germany. In spite of its seasonality, speculoos cookies (and that delicious cookie butter) have made a splash in the U.S. and can be found all year round. These simple Spiced Speculaas Cookies are laden with warm spices — ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon — and they’re crunchy texture makes them perfect for dunking in coffee or tea.


13. Citrus Sugar Cookies With Royal Icing

Citrus Sugar Cookies

Have you ever wished that you could recreate the royal icing you find on so many bakery cookies? Well, these Citrus Cookies With Royal Icing have just made your dreams come true. The recipe is versatile in that you can add whatever flavoring you like and adapt it to any time of year — so if it’s fall, try pumpkin! The cookies are coated with a yummy royal icing that can be as colorful and vibrant as you want them to be, so get creative with decorating!

14. No-Bake Samoa Cookies

No-Bake Samoa Cookies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Of all the Girl Scout cookies out there, Samoas are among the most popular. These No-Bake Samoa Cookies are soft, chewy and decadent when dipped and drizzled in amazing dark chocolate and centered with a “caramel” filling made from dates. It’s everyone’s favorite chocolate and coconut cookie revamped with more wholesome ingredients!

15. Homemade Oreos


These Homemade Oreos so much more than a great reason to eat large quantities of cookies. This recipe stands up to the original while being vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, low-calorie, low-carb, and low-fat … But they still taste fantastic! So, go ahead. Fire up your oven, grab your peanut flour and pour yourself a glass of non-dairy milk. After all, your milk is about to find a new favorite cookie.

Of course, if you’re a fan of cookies in general, we’ve got plenty of recipes! Check out our vegan cookie recipes for more vegan cookies that’ll satisfy every craving.


Lead image source: Raw Peppermint Oreos Dipped in Dark Chocolate