Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just published, fresh-out-the-mill vegan recipes in one convenient place! These are the top vegan recipes of the day, and are now a part of the thousands of recipes on our Food Monster App! We have enchiladas, juice, and crackers, so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite!

1. Mushroom and Bean Enchiladas

Vegan EnchiladasSource: Mushroom and Bean Enchiladas


This Mushroom and Bean Enchiladas by Rouxbe  is lathered in enchilada sauce before being baked in the oven, these enchiladas are filled with beans, sautéed mushrooms, bell peppers, fresh corn and potatoes.

2. Alkaline Green Juice

Vegan Green JuiceSource: Alkaline Green Juice

This Alkaline Green Juice by Olivia Budgen helps to increase your vegetable intake and help your body maintain an alkaline environment for optimal health and wellbeing.

3. Simple Wellington

Vegan Simple Wellington Source: Simple Wellington


This Simple Wellington by Natasa Christofidou is so easy to make, all the ingredients are really affordable and long-lasting, and it tastes delicious.

4. 4-Ingredient Flax Crackers

Vegan 4-Ingredient Flax Crackers Source: 4-Ingredient Flax Crackers


These 4-Ingredient Flax Crackers by Natalie Martin MS, RD and Lexie Staten MS, RD are great as a crunchy snack, for packing on-the-go, dipping in hummus or this cashew veggie spread. Also, an easy way to get your daily dose of flax seed.

5. Spicy Coffee

Vegan Spicy CoffeeSource: Spicy Coffee


This Spicy Coffee by Gabriela Lupu is a wonderful way to get some extra nutrition into your cup of coffee!

6. Pumpkin Blondies

Vegan Pumpkin BlondiesSource: Pumpkin Blondies

Turn those gluten-free vegan Pumpkin Blondies by Nele Liivlaid into your favorite dessert that is free from oils and refined sugar. You’ll only need a food processor and 15 minutes of your time to make this healthy vegan gluten-free recipe.

7. Chocolate Chip Tahini Loaf

Vegan Chocolate Chip Tahini Loaf Source: Chocolate Chip Tahini Loaf

This easy, healthy, and vegan sweet bread is Chocolate Chip Tahini Loaf by Taavi Moore. Studded with gooey chunks of chocolate and crunchy walnuts. Extra moist and fluffy with the addition of vegan yogurt and tahini.

8. Opera Cake

Vegan Opera Cake Source: Opera Cake


This Opera Cake by Melanie Kröpfl combines the best of both worlds: addictive vegan coffee butter cream and bitter-sweet dark chocolate cream. And in between there are layers of irresistible almond cake.

9. Peanut Butter Cup Blondies

Vegan Peanut Butter BlondiesSource: Peanut Butter Cup Blondies

These Peanut Butter Cup Blondies by Nicole Dunai is like a thick, fudgy version of a peanut butter cookie. Then, smooshed in the middle is a homemade vegan peanut butter cup! The blondie batter enrobes the peanut butter cup as it bakes, it’s just so dreamy and absolutely decadent. If you’re a peanut butter and chocolate lover, give this recipe a try! Because there’s no such thing as too much peanut butter!

10. Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies

Vegan Cinnamon Chickpea BlondiesSource: Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies

These vegan Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies by Jenn Sebestyen will be your new go-to treat! They are moist and tender in the center with just a bit of a crackly crust on top. They are perfectly sweet, healthier than your average blondie recipe, and oh-so addictive! While these do contain a good amount of sugar, they are also packed with protein, fiber, folate, and iron, so you can feel good about your new afternoon treat! Oh, and guess what? They are gluten-free and oil-free too! You have to try making these vegan chickpea blondies!

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