Greazy Vegan, an all plant-based “junk food” pop-up shop has announced its plan to open a permanent location in Wales in April.

Zoe Skinner, the owner of Greazy Vegan, compared the new restaurant to McDonald’s, in terms of the type of food that will be served. The twist, however, is that all of the fast food fare will be plant-based.


“Greazy Vegan is all about taste without cruelty and came about because not all vegans want to eat kale chips and quinoa burgers, smoked in coconut husks, with cabbage juice foam, some of us want to eat good old fashioned takeaway food but cruelty-free, to animals at least!” Greazy Vegan said in a Facebook post.

Greazy Vegan / Instagram

The menu will include items like the Big Moc Burger (pictured), the GV Kebab, Vegan Fried Chicken & Gravy, and Buffalo BBQ Hot Wings.

The new Cardiff location, which will be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and have space for up to 40 customers, will also deliver to nearby areas.


Make Your Own Vegan Junk Food!

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Lead Image Source: Will Skinner