Let’s shatter the myth that chocolate is just for dessert. According to a study conducted by Syracuse University, chocolate can help boost your brain power. The study found that cognitive scores, like visual-spacial memory, organization, and working memory were found to be consistently higher in those who consumed chocolate at least once a week versus those who did not. The antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate have been supported for years, as have its ability to improve mood, blood pressure, blood sugar, and support heart health. So, whether you’re a student or working, a little bit of chocolate first thing in the morning is an A+ way to start your day. Also, chocolate cake was recently identified as a breakfast trend for 2017.

As much as we love a good vegan chocolate cake, having cake for breakfast every single day might get a little boring to some, so le’s get a head start on the next big food trend with 15 chocolatey breakfast recipes that are rich and decadent.


1. Hot Chocolate Nutella French Toast

Hot Chocolate Nutella French Toast

Uh-huh, you read that title right: Hot Chocolate Nutella French Toast. All your wildest dreams are going to come true with this super-indulgent and delicious weekend brunch recipe. This decadent treat tastes just like hot chocolate: thick and luxurious, extra chocolatey, bittersweet. In short, it’s totally irresistible.

2. Chocolate Pistachio and Zucchini Doughnuts

Chocolate Pistachio Zucchini Doughnut 3

Fear doughnuts no more! These Chocolate Pistachio and Zucchini Doughnuts are super healthy, delicious, rich, and moist. They’re made with fresh zucchini, spinach (yep, you won’t see it or taste it but know it’s there), pistachios, gluten-free flour, and homemade apple sauce and is sweetened with agave. Grab-and-go food never tasted so good!

3. Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Double Chocolate Banana Bread [Vegan]

Rich cocoa powder and luscious dark chocolate elevate the everyday banana bread to a truly decadent treat. Serve this Double Chocolate Banana Bread with a hot cup of coffee or your favorite tea – and to make this an even more special treat, add a scoop of vegan whipped cream or ice cream!

4. German Chocolate Chia Porridge

German Chocolate Chia Porridge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but even if you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort forth, you should have something that makes for excited. Like this German Chocolate Chia Porridge. This porridge is packed with healthy fats from chia seeds, rich and chocolatey from a generous amount of cacao powder, and sweetened with date paste — yum! Plus, it has raw coconut milk and a topping of crunchy walnuts. It really is like having German chocolate cake for breakfast.


5. Fudgy Brownie Waffles

brownie waffles

Brownies? Good. Waffles? Great. Chocolate in any breakfast item? FAN-TAS-TIC. These Fudgy Brownie Waffles are the lovechild of breakfast and dessert. They’re buttery, yet almost denser than a normal waffle with wonderful cocoa and coffee undertones. They’re an excuse to get out of bed, for sure. It’s a recipe for a “no-snooze-button” type of morning.

6. Raw Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse

Raw-Vegan-and-Sugar-Free-Chocolate-Mousse (1)

This Raw Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse is a decadent dessert that doubles as a perfect chocolate smoothie for breakfast as well. It gets its wonderful texture from creamy avocado and coconut meat blended together. You can adjust the consistency yo your preference by adding some extra coconut water in your blender. You can serve it very thick as a chocolate mousse or add more liquid to make it a smoothie. It’s up to you! In any case, it’s not only delicious and super easy to make, with only four ingredients (plus spices) needed.

7. Nutrient-Dense Brownies With Raw Chocolate Sauce

nutrient dense brownie

These Nutrient-Dense Brownies With Raw Chocolate Sauce are a must-make.  They’re made from oats, almond flour, banana, and grated carrot — they’re also ridiculously easy to make. All you do is throw the ingredients into a bowl, combine, bake, and something amazingly delicious happens. They’re dense, chocolatey, gluten-free, and free from refined sugar —so don’t let the “brownie” part stop you from having one of these for breakfast.

8. Spelt Chocolate and Cinnamon Babkas

Spelt Chocolate Babka

Chocolate or cinnamon babka — which is better? In this recipe for Spelt Chocolate and Cinnamon Babkas, you don’t have to choose because you can make one of each … But today, let’s go for chocolate. A subtly sweet cinnamon babka and a deeply rich dark chocolate babka. This dough is not identical to the brioche-like bread in a classic babka recipe. Spelt flour gives it a decidedly wholesome flavor, making it as good for breakfast as it is for dessert. Brushing the finished loaves with maple syrup instead of simple syrup saves a bit of time, adds extra flavor, and accomplishes the same beautiful shine.


9. Raw Chocolate Tacos

The best thing about raw desserts is that they’re made from ingredients that are also good for you, so they can double as breakfast. If you want to try something unique and interesting, Raw Chocolate Tacos are so much fun. They really do look like little chocolate tacos with all the fixings. The shells are made from ground flax and banana, then they’re stuffed with banana ice cream, non-dairy cream, and drizzled with raw chocolate sauce. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate.

10. Black Forest Pancakes

Black Forest Pancakes

Chocolate, cherries, and luscious coconut cream —these decadent Black Forest Pancakes could easily pass for dessert  — but they’re pancakes, so you have an excuse to eat chocolate first thing in the morning. Serve these fresh off the skillet, with lots of maple syrup and a cherry on top!


11. Double Chocolate Cupcakes With Buttercream Frosting

Double Chocolate Cupcakes With Buttercream Frosting [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These are Double Chocolate Cupcakes With Buttercream Frosting are guaranteed to satisfy even the most hardcore chocolate fan. Cupcakes for breakfast? Absolutely. The ingredients in this raw dessert are good for you in every way — dates, oats, coconut, cacao, and carob. They are healthy, wholesome, delicious, and easy to make. They are lovely to look at and fun to share.

12. Dirt Pie Overnight Oatmeal

Dirt Pie Overnight Oatmeal

Dirt pie is a dessert made from chocolate pudding, topped with crushed chocolate cookies, and decorated with gummy worms and this recipe recreates it for breakfast. This fudgy Dirt Pie Overnight Oatmeal is sweetened with dates and made rich through the addition of a tender, roasted sweet potato. As the oatmeal sits overnight, the texture thickens and the natural sugars of the dates saturate the entire jar leaving you with rich, chocolatey goodness for breakfast. It’s then topped with chocolate cookie crumbles and fresh strawberries in place of candy.

13. Mini Doughnuts With Salted Coffee Caramel 

mini doughnuts

Have you ever had Nutella? We bet you have. Well, the flavors of these raw Mini Doughnuts With Salted Coffee Caramel are inspired by that delicious, decadent chocolate hazelnut spread. There’s no actual coffee in them, just coffee extract, and the caramel is made from date pasta flavored with orange juice. Enjoy these guilt-free chocolate treats with your favorite hot beverage.

14. Flourless Chocolate Chickpea Waffles

Chocolate Hummus Waffles 1

We know what you’re thinking. Chocolate? Chickpeas? Waffles?! Yes, this sounds like a bizarre combo, but trust us, you don’t want to miss these Flourless Chocolate Chickpea Waffles! Chickpeas and tahini are blended with dark chocolate chips, bananas, and vanilla extract to create a soft, creamy batter that eventually turns into sweet, fluffy waffles. The chickpeas add a wonderful boost of protein so grab a few of these, stack ’em up, and top them with fruit, maple syrup, cinnamon, powdered sugar, or whatever you like your waffles to have!


15. Raw Mint Chocolate Power Bars

Raw Mint Chocolate Power Bars
These Raw Mint Chocolate Power Bars are full of healthy fats and proteins from seeds, nuts, coconut, and oats, plus they’re packed with energy-giving carbs from dried fruits. They have a fantastic mint chocolate taste and are the perfect food to refuel fast after the gym. They are quite rich and dense so cutting them in half might be a good idea before you chow down. At the same time, we’re not the food police.

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