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Eating candy is one of the simple pleasures of life. Gummy or hard, sweet or sour, it’s hard to eat candy without cracking a smile. Whether you go to a candy shop or just down to the local bodega, there are bound to be tons of candy products lining the shelves. There are so many nowadays it can actually be a pretty daunting task choosing just one! And if you’re looking to keep your candy vegan – meaning no animal-derived ingredients like gelatin, carmine, or dairy – the process can sometimes go from a fun activity to an hour-long session of reading ingredient labels.

Thankfully, there are tons of vegan candies you can look up and buy online and guess what? One Green Planet has done all the hard work for you! That’s right. We’ve done the research, checked it twice, and now are ready to present to you the ultimate sweet-tooth satisfying list ever: 15 dairy-free and gelatin-free vegan candies you can buy right from home!

  1. Blow Pops

    Blow Pops are a candy classic. Hard candy on the outside, bubble gum on the inside… it’s like getting a two-for-one. They’re made primarily from sugar, corn syrup, gum base, starch, citric acid, and glycerin. This bulk package gets you 100 lollipops of assorted flavors including apple, grape, cherry, and strawberry. Some reviewers point out that the flavor balance is a bit off, with some boxes containing way more of one flavor than the others. Other than that, most of the other reviewers seem satisfied with the product and the flashback to childhood that it provides. To try ’em out you can get this 100-lollipop pack for about $17.

  2. Airheads

    Airheads are a chewy, stretchy candy that resembles taffy in texture. They are made primarily from sugar, corn syrup, maltodextrin, dextrose, and modified food starch (corn). Each box includes a variety of fruity flavored bars including orange, blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, white mystery, and grape. They are nut-free, gluten-free, and low-fat. Reviewers have described this product as fresh-tasting, delicious, addicting, and “perfect for parties.” You can get a pack of 90 for about $17.

  3. Jolly Ranchers

    A number one best-seller in Amazon’s hard candy category, this five-pound assorted Jolly Ranchers bag is chock full of fruity sweetness. The flavors in the bag include watermelon, apple, cherry, grape, and blue raspberry. The company suggests enjoying these on their own or even smashing them and using them as a garnish on desserts like cupcakes, like one reviewer has done. Pretty creative topping! Many reviewers seem satisfied with their product, claiming that these came in perfect condition, were tasty, and are great for many uses including prizes for children. There was one reviewer, however, who claimed that her ranchers arrived melted, likely due to the summer heat. If you’d like to try them out yourself, you can get this five-pound bag for a little under $10.50.

  4. Smarties

    Smarties are a gluten-free and vegan candy that are made from dextrose, citric acid, and an assortment of artificial colors. The flavors in each roll include orange, pineapple, strawberry, grape, and cherry. Since smarties are made with a powdery type of sugar, they do not melt in the summer, a perk many reviewers commented on. Also, although the candies are easily crushed, according to reviewers, the package arrives in good condition – not a dusty mess. To try these out you can get a two-pound bag (approximately 60 rolls) for $10.

  5. JJ Sweet’s Cocomels

    Have you been waiting for a company to come out with dairy-free caramels? Well, it has finally happened. JJ’s Sweet Cocomels are an award-winning caramel candy made from combining coconut milk with brown syrup and in this case, vanilla flavors. This product is gluten-free, non-GMO, and corn syrup-free. This product has won several awards and looking at the reviews, you can see why. Amazon reviewers describe this product as a soft and chewy, deliciously coconut, and “almost too good to be true.” To see if the hype is true you can try two 3.5-ounce bags for $13.

  6. Twizzlers

    Licorice candy with a fruity flavor, Twizzlers are a household favorite. In this bulk pack, 105 Twizzlers are individually wrapped making it easy to grab one quickly and pop it in your bag for whenever that sweet craving strikes. While these are soft and chewy, the company assures that these candies will not melt and are actually safe to keep in the glove compartment of a car. Reviewers describe this product as addicting, the “perfect combination of sweet and sour,” and a great deal price-wise. You can get this 105-count bag for a little under $6.

  7. Dum Dums

    Want a tiny snack that still satisfies a big craving for sweets? Then consider getting this pack of Dum Dums Lollipops. This pack of 360 lollies comes with 16 different flavors as well as a “mystery flavor.”  This candy is free of major allergens and each pop is less than 25 calories. While many reviewers have described this product as tasty and “a great low-cal snack,” several reviewers have also pointed out that a few of the lollies had unraveled from the wrapper while en route.

  8. Skittles

    Everyone has heard the Skittles “taste the rainbow” slogan but did you know these popular candies were also vegan? It’s true. These bite-sized chewy candies do not contain any dairy or animal-derived ingredients and are also gluten-free. This particular bag contains most of the original flavors – orange, strawberry, grape, lemon – but instead of lime, this bag includes green apple, a change that many reviewers have pointed out. If that isn’t a big deal to you, many reviewers have described this product as delicious, festive, and an “amazing deal” price-wise. You can get a 54-ounce bag for a little under $9.

  9. Sweet Tarts

    If you’re looking for a candy that has fruity sweetness but doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, Sweet Tarts are a solid choice. This Willy Wonka classic is made in the USA and has 60 calories per serving (13 pieces). Reviewers have reported that this product arrives intact, is deliciously tangy and addicting. The box is the larger movie-style variety, and you can get 12 of them for a little under $12.

  10. Swedish Fish

    Does keeping pounds of Swedish Fish around sound like a dream come true? Then, consider buying this bulk package. Swedish Fish is a chewy, strawberry-flavored candy that is surprisingly fat-free. Despite that this bag is large, reviewers have confirmed that they stay fresh and that the resealable bag ensures that you don’t eat the whole thing in one sitting (unless you want to). You can get this 3.5-pound bag for a little under $15.

  11. Lemonheads

    Lemon lover? Check out Lemonheads, a candy that reviewers are describing as “lemonade in a ball.” These candies have a sweetly sour hard shell with a softer middle. In this bulk pack, each Lemonhead is individually wrapped, making it easy to grab one as you head out of the house, or as a treat to pack in a lunchbox. They also don’t melt even when kept in a bag or outside in the sun. You can get this 150-count tub for a little over $14.

  12. Surf Sweets Jelly Beans

    While most jellybeans are made with gelatin or beeswax to create the shiny coating, Surf Sweets Jelly Beans nixed those ingredients from their formula to create a jellybean that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, these jelly beans are made from all natural, organic sweeteners, are non-GMO, and are free from top allergens.  These also have 100 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C per serving. Not bad for candy! Reviewers love the natural flavoring of this product and claim that they taste just like ones made with corn syrup and regular sugar, if not better! To give these a try, you can get 24 0.8-ounce bags for $18.

  13. Cry Baby Sour Bubble Gum

    Do you enjoy candy that is eye-wincing sour? Well then, you should look into Cry Baby Sour Bubble Gum. This low-calorie bubble gum comes in five assorted flavors: orange, lemon, blue raspberry, apple, and cherry. Reviewers report that this product arrives fresh, in a timely Fashion, and is nicely packaged. Since this candy was first produced in the 90s, they are not readily available in stores the way they used to be, and so they are a bit more expensive than other candy at $18 for a 240-count tub.

  14. Sour Patch Kids

    Sour Patch Kids are a great candy for people who want a sour flavor but don’t want their taste buds to suffer for very long. As the slogan goes, these Sour Patch Kids start off as very sour and then slowly turns into a sweeter, fruitier-flavored candy. This bulk-purchase, in particular, comes in a resealable bag and contains 3.5 pounds worth of pieces. Reviewers describe this candy as super-addictive, fresh, and great for the price. You can get one bag a little over $12.50.

  15. Dots

    Dots are a sticky-sweet candy that reviewers report are fresh and chewy. This box contains five flavors including, strawberry, lime, cherry, orange, and lemon. They also seem to stay fresh for a while, with reviewers reporting that these did not turn hard or stale even after four months of storage. You can get 12 of these 7.5-ounce movie-style boxes for a little over $22.

    Which candy are you most excited to buy? Let us know in the comments!

    Lead image source: Elena Schweitzer/Shutterstock