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The Fourth of July may be over but there will still be fireworks because July 5th is National Apple Turnover Day. Nothing is more American than apple pie (although apple pie was created in Europe). It has become a symbol of all that is good, homey, and patriotic.

Apple pie may be traditional, but we can be as creative as we want and one way to do that is to make turnovers instead — and by branching out beyond apples. They may be delicious, but there’s a whole world of fruit out there waiting to be baked into a pastry. Turnovers, hand pies, and even galettes are fun takes on the usual pie, plus they are easier to make. A galette saves you the trouble of making two perfect pie crusts, while hand pies and turnovers let everyone have their own individual pie that they can hold in their hands.

Any pie recipe can be converted into a galette or a turnover. Turnovers are just too good to only limit them to apples, though. All types of fruit and berries are in season now, so let’s go crazy and use them all.

1. Apple and Pecan Spelt Pastry Pies

Apple and Pecan Spelt Pastry Pies

Spelt flour makes really tender and nutty pie crusts. In these Apple and Pecan Spelt Pastry Pies, the crust is filled with a warm, gooey apple pecan filling. Cinnamon adds a touch of warmth to the filling of these pastry pies and the crunchy crust serves as a satisfying contrast to the gooey apples within. These are perfect for dessert but can also be a really tasty breakfast treat.

2. Strawberry Turnovers With Tahini Maple Glaze

Strawberry Turnovers With Tahini Maple Drizzle

These perfect brunch Strawberry Turnovers With Tahini Maple Glaze are ridiculously easy to make, but they’ll make you feel like you’re dining out. Perfect with a cup of tea and just a tad sweet, these pastries are stuffed with a homemade strawberry chia jam and drizzled with a creamy maple tahini drizzle. Enjoy these with something savory, life tofu scramble or vegan breakfast sausages.

3. Blueberry Turnovers With Maple Miso Glaze

Blueberry Turnovers 2

Warm turnovers are like little pockets of happiness. These Blueberry Turnovers With Maple Miso Glaze are filled with delicious blueberry jam and topped with a unique maple miso drizzle and slivered almonds. They’re fluffy, soft, and go perfectly with a cup of rooibos tea.

4. Easy Apple Galette

Simple Apple Galette 1

Can there be an apple pie that is both delicious and considered “clean eating”? Nope, this is not a joke! Since this Easy Apple Galette is made with spelt flour, coconut butter, and plenty of apples, it is not only sweet and simple-to-make, it’s relatively good for you! Sprinkle with a little coconut sugar and indulge away!

5. Peach Mango Hand Pies

Peach Mango Hand Pies

Take one bite of these Filipino-inspired Peach Mango Hand Pies and they will disappear before you can count to three. Sweet yellow mangoes and smooth peaches come together beautifully within a flaky, crunchy crust. All that you need to top it off is a scoop of non-dairy vanilla ice cream!

6. Blueberry Hand Pies With a Flaky Crust

Blueberry Hand Pies With a Flaky Crust

These Blueberry Hand Pies With a Flaky Crust taste like you bought them in a gourmet bakery, but they’re easy enough to make in your own kitchen. They’re an amazing breakfast when warmed just a little bit, or even for dessert, with a drizzle of cashew frosting. These portable pillows of joy and plump, juicy blueberries are so good, you’ll want to make them every day.

7. Salted Caramel Apple Galette

salted caramel apple galette

Caramel apples get a grown-up makeover with this Salted Caramel Apple Galette. Warm, gooey and delicious, this pastry is loaded with apples and homemade caramel. It’s a sophisticated take on a childhood favorite and since it’s easier to make than pie, it’s perfect for summer get-togethers.

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8. Peach and Coconut Galette

peach and coconut galette

These Peach and Coconut Galettes are a great way to change up the way you eat your fruit. They’re delicious, flaky, and packed with peachy flavor. The coconut oil and shredded coconut bits on top add a tropical touch to this dessert — and they’re so easy to make, so they’re the perfect warm weather treat when you don’t want to spend a lot of time on a complex recipe.

9. Pear Galette With Rooibos Glaze

Pear Galette With a Rooibos Glaze

This Pear Galette With Rooibos Glaze tastes like a dream. Ripe pears are sliced thin and layered in a flaky crust, then brushed with a syrupy rooibos glaze just before being placed in the oven. As it bakes, the pears soften and caramelize just a bit and the crust turns golden. Garnish with confectioner’s sugar and vegan whipped cream just before serving.

10. Cream Cheese Apple Galette

Cream Cheese Apple Galette [Vegan]

Galettes are just as delicious as pies, but way easier to make! And what better way to welcome fall than with an Apple Cream Cheese Galette? Instead of using store-bought vegan cream cheese, this version is homemade with coconut milk, cashew butter, and apple cider vinegar for tanginess.

11. Amaretto Cherry Strudel With Homemade Puff Pastry

amaretto cherry strudel

If you think making your own puff pastry is too hard, think again. This Amaretto Cherry Strudel With Homemade Puff Pastry is a much simpler recipe than it looks. The dough is flaky, easy, and most importantly, delicious. The filling has intoxicating flavors of almond, cherries, amaretto, and maple syrup. These look fancy and would be the perfect addition to any special breakfast or brunch.

12. Vanilla Bean Blueberry Peach Hand Pies

Vanilla Bean Blueberry Peach Hand Pies [Vegan]

Forget slicing pie, these Vanilla Bean Blueberry Peach Hand Pies are adorable and you get to just bite into the whole thing! Spelt pastry crust is stuffed with peaches, blueberries, and fragrant vanilla beans. What could possibly be better than a pie you can hold in your hand? Two pies, you know, since you have two hands.

13. Cranberry Orange Hand Pies

Cranberry Orange Hand Pies

A pie in the hand is worth two in the oven … or something like that. These Cranberry Orange Hand Pies have sweet and tart cranberries in a flaky pie crust, topped with a maple glaze. The crust in this recipe includes the unique addition of ground up pecans for a sweet snack that’s flaky, gooey, and crunchy.

14. Rosemary Orange Galette

Rosemary Orange Galette 2

Impress your guests with this fancy-looking Rosemary Orange Galette! It may look hard to make but this dessert is actually ridiculously easy. Simply slice your oranges, arrange them on the crust, fold the edges up, and brush them with coconut sugar, and bake! The result? A beautifully vibrant, sweet, and citrusy galette!

15. Apple Galette

Apple Galette [Vegan]

This Apple Galette is the most rustic dessert you could make. There’s no mold or baking dish required; it’s completely formless. The shape depends on how you choose to lay the dough. What could be easier than that? Nothing! The seasoned apples are out in the open where everyone can gaze lovingly at them.

With the bounty of summer produce available, there’s no end to the types of fruity desserts we can make. These turnovers and hand pies will make you wish you had more than two hands so you could have one of each.

Lead image source: Blueberry Turnovers with Maple Miso Glaze

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