As nutritious as they are, veggies aren’t exactly the most exciting food group. Although vegetables can be cooked in a multitude of imaginative ways, many people have an image of vegetables in their head and it’s pretty much a boring bowl of steamed broccoli. Now, don’t be mistaken, people still want the nutrients that vegetables offer, but many consumers are not all that crazy about the taste of veggies in raw form. Because of this, people are always looking for ways to make their vegetable consumption as exciting and flavorful as possible. Whether it’s stopping at a juice bar for a kale smoothie, finding the most epic avocado toast in town, or trying to hop on the spiralizer trend, consumers are all about “sneaking veggies in.”

Considering this burgeoning trend, it’s no surprise that, now more than ever, we’re seeing snacks that incorporate fruits and veggies pop up on supermarket shelves. From dehydrated chips and fruit leather strips to fries and granola, these snacks allow people to get all of the nutrients fruits and vegetables have to offer, but in snack form! Talk about a life hack. Here are 15 snacks that make eating your daily recommendation of fruit and veggies fun, flavorful, and fuss-free.