As nutritious as they are, veggies aren’t exactly the most exciting food group. Although vegetables can be cooked in a multitude of imaginative ways, many people have an image of vegetables in their head and it’s pretty much a boring bowl of steamed broccoli. Now, don’t be mistaken, people still want the nutrients that vegetables offer, but many consumers are not all that crazy about the taste of veggies in raw form. Because of this, people are always looking for ways to make their vegetable consumption as exciting and flavorful as possible. Whether it’s stopping at a juice bar for a kale smoothie, finding the most epic avocado toast in town, or trying to hop on the spiralizer trend, consumers are all about “sneaking veggies in.”

Considering this burgeoning trend, it’s no surprise that, now more than ever, we’re seeing snacks that incorporate fruits and veggies pop up on supermarket shelves. From dehydrated chips and fruit leather strips to fries and granola, these snacks allow people to get all of the nutrients fruits and vegetables have to offer, but in snack form! Talk about a life hack. Here are 15 snacks that make eating your daily recommendation of fruit and veggies fun, flavorful, and fuss-free.


  1. Funky Monkey Snacks

    While no one can argue that fresh fruit is obviously the ideal, having freeze-dried fruit around is very convenient. You simply have to find a brand that keeps the fruit wholesome meaning no added sugar or preservatives. Funky Monkey Snacks, for instance, is made with three simple and organic ingredients: freeze-dried banana, pineapple, apple, and papaya. Each one-ounce bag contains three servings of fruit! Pretty impressive. Reviewers are reporting that this snack is crunchy, convenient, fresh, and healthy-tasting, and is an easy way to incorporate fruit and fiber into your diet. You can get a pack of 12 one-ounce bags for $54, that’s about $4.50 per bag.

  2. Brad's Sweet Potato Raw Chips

    Brad’s Sweet Potato Raw Chips are a healthy alternative to greasy potato chips. These chips are not fried or baked. Instead, they are dehydrated at 115°F to retain the nutrients and enzymes of the sweet potato. These non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free chips are made from carrots, yams, flax seeds, buckwheat groats, maple syrup, vanilla extract, allspice, nutmeg, extra virgin olive oil, and Himalayan salt. Reviewers are reporting that these chips are dense, flavorful, and healthy. They have been enjoying these crispy chips crumbled on salads, dunked in soups, or just by the handful. You can get one three-ounce bag for about $10.

  3. Sprout Squeezable Snack Pouches

    Juice bars are great, but did you know that you could save yourself some money with products like Sprout Squeezable Snack Pouches? These BPA-free and resealable drink pouches contain one and a half servings of fruit and veggies and come in a variety of flavor combos, including: “Mixed Greens and Apple,” “Carrot and Tropical Fruit,” and “Butternut Squash, Strawberry, and Acai.” Reviewers are reporting that this snack is delicious, convenient, wholesome, and yummy. You can get a pack of five four-ounce pouches for a little under $11.50.

  4. Pulp Pantry Veggie Granola Sampler Pack

    Pulp Pantry Veggie Granola is a savory granola that is low temperature dried to keep the nutrients where you want them – in the granola! Each bag of this unique product contains a half-pound of organic produce and nut pulp – nutrient dense resources that are normally wasted as a byproduct of the commercial juicing industry. Depending on the flavor, each pack in this sampler bundle contains either carrot, beet, apple and/or coconut pulp from local organic juicing operations in California and is then sweetened lightly with coconut sugar. Pretty creative! Reviewers are saying that this granola is deliciously addictive, very healthy, and a good way to sneak extra fruits and veggies into a diet. To try it out yourself, each bag comes out to just a little over $5.

  5. Peas of Mind Baked Cauliflower Fries

    Healthy fries may seem like a paradox, but products like Peas of Mind Baked Cauliflower Fries prove that such a thing is, in fact, possible. These fries are made with five ingredients: cauliflower, dehydrated potatoes, water, sea salt, and baking powder. They are gluten-free, soy-free, fat-free, sugar-free, and low-sodium. Because of the cauliflower, they also provide 20 percent of the daily vitamin C recommendation. Reviewers are reporting that these fries are a great way to sneak veggies into your diet, are delicious plain or dipped in condiments, and if left in the oven, can be made crispy “just like regular fries.” Reviewers have commented that these can be found cheaper elsewhere at places like Target. However, if they don’t stock them near you, you can get a pack of four 12-ounce bags for about $35.50.

  6. Go Native Fruit Snack Bites

    Go Native Mango and Apple Fruit Snack Bites are a gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and non-GMO snack. They are made from six ingredients: concentrated apple purée, concentrated apple, concentrated mango purée, citrus fiber, pectin (from plants), and natural flavor. It contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Reviewers are reporting that these bites have a nice flavor, and resemble fruit leather in texture. Some reviewers feel that the amount of sugar (even if it’s natural sugar) is too high, while others feel that this snack should definitely be considered a healthy one. If you want to form your own opinion, you can get a pack of 15 bags for about $28.

  7. Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

    If you love kale, you will love Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips. Even if you’re not the biggest kale fan, reviewers are saying that these “zesty nacho cheese” kale chips are worth a try. To make this snack, kale leaves are air-crisped under low heat and then seasoned generously with a spicy blend of organic sunflower seeds, vegetable powders, herbs, and spices. While many reviewers have pointed out that these chips are on the expensive side, almost all of them have raved about the flavor, the wholesome ingredients, and the addicting texture of these chips. You can get four two-ounce bags for about $22.

  8. Barnana Bites Variety Pack

    Pairing bananas with peanut butter or dark chocolate is a great snack that curbs your appetite and provides a hefty amount of nutrients. But don’t you sometimes wish there was an easier way to enjoy this snack on-the-go without the fear of a rotting banana? Well, with Barnana Bites Variety Pack, now there is. This raw, organic product contains bananas, soy lecithin, natural glaze, and then depending on the flavor in this variety pack, either coconut, peanut butter, or dark chocolate. Each serving (six pieces) provides 400 milligrams of potassium, 11 grams of fiber, and two grams of protein. Reviewers are raving about this product, saying that it’s deliciously addicting and perfect for breakfast or dessert.  You can get this four pack (one of each flavor) for about $18.

  9. Sensible Portions Veggie Straws

    Sensible Portions Veggie Straws are a gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and non-GMO snack made primarily from potato starch, potato flour, corn starch, tomato paste, spinach powder, beet powder, turmeric, and salt. Reviewers are reporting that they are the perfect snack for people with several food allergies, they are much healthier than the typical potato chip, and are deliciously addicting. You can get six one-ounce bags for about $4.

  10. Eda Zen Cruncha Ma-me Edamame Snack

    Edamame is a healthy snack, but you can’t really enjoy them on the go without leaving a trail of discarded pods in your wake. That is unless you have Eda Zen Cruncha Ma-me Edamame Snack. This non-GMO product is made from four ingredients: freeze-dried edamame, sea salt, all-natural yeast extract, and safflower oil. Each 0.7-ounce bag contains eight grams of protein and three grams of fiber. Many reviewers are reporting that this edamame snack is “better than dry-roasted edamame” since it is crunchy at first, with a creamy finish. Reviewers are also saying that it’s a great snack to carry around since it’s not sticky, and is a great energy booster in between meals. To try it out for yourself, you can get a pack of eight 0.7-ounce bags for about $12.

  11. Veggie-Go’s

    Veggie-Go’s are just like your typical fruit leather snack except for the fact that they are made from organic fruits and veggies and contain no added sugar. This particular pack comes with four different flavors: Mountain Berry Spinach, Sweet Potato Pie, Carrot Ginger, and Cinnamon Spiced Beet. Reviewers are reporting that these bars are guilt-free, very low in (natural) sugar, and easy-to-pack. However, some reviewers feel that the bars are a bit too small considering the price. To check them out for yourself, you can get this 20-pack for about $29.

  12. Mamma Chia Strawberry Banana Chia Squeeze Snack

    Mamma Chia Squeeze Packs combine the vibrant flavors of strawberry and banana, the convenience of a squeeze pouch, and the nutritional benefits of chia seeds. These pouches are three and a half ounces, made from chia seeds, fruits, and veggies, and contain 1,200 milligrams of omega-3s. While these can be refrigerated for a cool treat, they’re also perfectly fine at room temperature straight from the pouch – very convenient, as one Amazon reviewer pointed out. You can get 16 pouches for about $25.

  13. Trader Joe's Broccoli Florets

    Most people know that brocolli has a pretty decent amount of protein, but did you know that there are products nowadays that allow you to get the nutritional benefits of broccoli in snack form? Take Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunch Broccoli Florets, for example. This snack is made from three ingredients: broccoli florets, palm oil, and salt. Each bag contains 20 percent of the daily vitamin A recommendation, 140 percent of the vitamin C, and 10 percent for calcium. Reviewers are saying that this snack is tasty, nice and crunchy, and healthy. One reviewer points out that some of the broccoli florets must get crushed in transit. If you don’t mind this, or figure you could probably pour the dust over something like pasta or salad, you can get one bag for $12.

  14. Pure Organic Strawberry Banana Fruit Sandwiches

    Pure Organic Strawberry Banana Fruit Sandwiches combines these two popular and sweet fruits for a fun, fruit leather-esque product. They are made primarily from apple purée, apple juice, banana purée, and strawberry juice. Each one of these “sandwiches” is a 3/4 serving of fruits and veggies. They are gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. Reviewers are reporting that while these fruit bars are tiny in size, they are made from fairly wholesome ingredients, contain a decent amount of vitamin C and potassium, and are a great alternative to sugar-laden fruit gummies. You can get a pack of 20 0.63-ounce bars for $17.

  15. Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps

    Peas may not be the most exciting vegetables in their natural form, but they sure know how to revamp themselves in snack form. Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps are delicious, puffed “chips” in the shape of pea pods. They’re not only super-addictive, but with each serving containing 4-5 grams of protein, and 3-4 grams of fiber, they’re way healthier than the average potato chip! Better yet, they’re gluten-free, and most of the flavors they offer are vegan as well. Reviewers are reporting that these crisps are light, crunchy, tasty, and healthy. Some have even sprinkled these crisps on a salad for a little crunch. You can get one 20-ounce bag for $11.

    Lead image source: Aleksandar Mijatovic/Shutterstock