Over the past four years, the wine rosé has experienced a major increase in popularity. Maybe it’s because it’s the exact shade of pink that Millennials seem to go crazy for; maybe it’s because it’s refreshing and light. Whatever the reason may be, rosé is back and more ubiquitous than ever.

You can now buy rosé in 40 ounce jugs, and one look at the #RoséAllDay hashtag on Instagram shows it’s not showing any signs of falling off the public’s radar. Restaurants are catching on to the trend and elevating it to the next level.


It’s summertime now, and a big trend we’re noticing is a little something called Frosé.


What the heck is Frosé? It’s exactly what it sounds like: lightly sweetened frozen Rosé wine. Recently a large number of restaurants have started serving the drink in traditional and unique forms.

Blue Ribbon Restaurants, for example, serve a Watermelon Rosé Boozy Popsicle on their Japanese themed rooftop beer garden.




Le District is also celebrating Frosé Every Day and has all of your light pink slushie wine needs covered.


Le District/Facebook

This bar in Germany called Beuster won’t be left behind on the fun of Frosémania.



“Our very own Watermelon Rose drink by Nadia Petrova could easily be converted into Watermelon Frosé form,” One Green Planet co-founder Preeta Sinha recommends. “All you’d need to do is blend it together with some ice and voila! Instantly frozen rosé.”


You can also get your golf and your frosé on all at the same time over at Top Golf in Texas.



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Lead image source: Le District/Facebook