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1. Turmeric Quinoa Bowls

Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Bowls

Source: Turmeric Quinoa Bowls

Cooked in a mix of velvety coconut milk and broth and tinged with turmeric, the quinoa base is wonderfully rich. This Turmeric Quinoa Bowls by Kelli Foster is partnered with bite-size pieces of spicy cauliflower, vinegar-kissed collard greens, pickled onion, and crunchy radishes, it’s perfectly balanced—and that’s what keeps me coming back again and again.

2. Sweet Potato Curry Soup

Vegan Sweet Potato Curry Soup

Source: Sweet Potato Curry Soup

This Sweet Potato Curry Soup by Kristina Humphreys is full of classic spices that, along with the savory flavor of garlic, add just enough heat but don’t overwhelm the soup with spice. These warming spices are perfectly balanced by coconut yogurt, a crucial ingredient that softens the spiciness with its cooling creaminess. The sweet potatoes and other veggies soak up this flavorful mixture and become soft and delicious.


3. Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers With Hummus

Vegan Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers With Hummus

Source: Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers With Hummus

For those who love to make everything from scratch and want an effortless recipe, you’ll love these Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers With Hummus by Gabrielle St. Claire! The ingredients are minimal, and you can modify the shape and size. You can even opt out of the smudge of sugar in the recipe. They pair well with hummus but you can serve it with whatever you like, and they can easily be made in bulk!


4. Peanut Milk, Banana, and Cocoa Smoothie

Vegan Peanut Milk, Banana, and Cocoa Smoothie

Source: Peanut Milk, Banana, and Cocoa Smoothie

What’s the first, most logical thing one would create with peanut milk? Exactly. Nothing earth-shattering here, folks, just the usual rock-solid-delicious smoothie suspects paired with their new friend, peanut milk, all mixed up together into an irresistible shake-like consistency. Spoon required for this Peanut Milk, Banana, and Cocoa Smoothie by Annie Oliverio!


5. Creamy Coconut Spinach Dip

Vegan Creamy Coconut Spinach Dip

Source: Creamy Coconut Spinach Dip

This Creamy Coconut Spinach Dip by Nele Liivlaid combines the simple, but divine flavors of onions and garlic with the subtle sweetness of coconut and saltiness of spinach. It’s an easy vegan side dish that is ready in less than 15 minutes. The spinach just adds to the bomb of flavors and creamy texture. This dip is so versatile! You can spread it over a slice of bread, dip raw veggies into it, use over pasta dish, or have as a simple side to complete your meal.

6. Candied Orange Peel and Orange Whiskey Sour

Vegan Candied Orange Peel and Orange Whiskey Sour

Source: Candied Orange Peel and Orange Whiskey Sour

Who says you need a bartender’s license to make a truly epic mixed drink? This Candied Orange Peel and Orange Whiskey Sour by Abby Thompson is taken to the next level with homemade candied orange peel and homemade sour mix. It’s pure love in liquid form! Pull up a chair, let’s whip up these sweet slices while sipping on a candy garnished adult beverage, my bar is stocked!

7. Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream

Vegan Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream

Source: Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream

This is Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream by Angelina Papanikolaou. That’s what we are doing today. It’s decadent and rich and chocolatey and sweet and creamy and oh so delicious.


8. Loaded Veggie Hoagie

Vegan Loaded Veggie Hoagie

Source: Loaded Veggie Hoagie

Say “hello” to the sandwich of your dreams. This Loaded Veggie Hoagie by Valentina Chiappa has greens, tomatoes, an abundance of caramelized onion, meaty mushrooms, sliced seitan, and a generous amount of cashew cheese — yum! This sammie is so loaded, you might need to find someone to share it with … but it’s okay if you don’t.

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