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1. Miso Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Ramen Noodles

vegan Miso Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Ramen Noodles

Source: Miso Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Ramen Noodles

This Miso Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Ramen Noodles by Jenn Sebestyen and Kelli Foster Kelli Foster is everything: cozy, comforting, healthy, easy, and so delicious. Make it when you feel yourself coming down with a cold. It’s soothing and nourishing.

2. Tikka Masala Wings

Vegan Tikka Masala Wings

Source: Tikka Masala Wings

These Tikka Masala Wings by Liv King are absolutely delicious! Flavorful chicken-style seitan wrapped in a rice paper “skin” then fried until crisp. Yum!


3. Creamy Yellow Bean Soup

Vegan Creamy Yellow Bean Soup

Source: Creamy Yellow Bean Soup

This Creamy Yellow Bean Soup by Lena Novak is an Eastern-European inspired comfort food. However, my recipe is healthier version, yet equally satisfying and delicious.


4. Peanut Butter Cup Muffins

Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Muffins

Source: Peanut Butter Cup Muffins

This Peanut Butter Cup Muffins by Taavi Moore is embedded with a gooey dark chocolate peanut butter cup. A peanut butter and chocolate lovers dream.


5. Roasted Potato Broccoli Salad

Vegan Roasted Potato Broccoli Salad

Source: Roasted Potato Broccoli Salad

This creamy, out of this world, slightly sweet roasted Roasted Potato Broccoli Salad by Robin Browne will knock your socks off. This Roasted Potato Broccoli Salad is one of those vegan salad recipes that you will come back to again and again. Especially in the summer months when the bbq is constantly on. This salad is a perfect companion to those hearty veggie burgers you’ll be cooking all summer long.

6. Raspberry Almond Scones

Vegan Raspberry Almond Scones

Source: Raspberry Almond Scones

Only one bowl and 8 simple ingredients are needed to make these healthy raspberry almond scones. These Raspberry Almond Scones by Hayley Canning are filled with fresh raspberries, they are ready in only 20 minutes!

7. Healthy Chocolate Orange Sweet Potato Fudge Cake

Vegan Healthy Chocolate Orange Sweet Potato Fudge Cake

Source: Healthy Chocolate Orange Sweet Potato Fudge Cake

This Healthy Chocolate Orange Sweet Potato Fudge Cake by Caroline Doucet has to be one of the fudgiest chocolate cakes, ever. The secret ingredient? Sweet potatoes! It’s also made with dates, olive oil, coconut and almond milk, cocoa powder, cashews, spelt flour, and orange juice. Not only is it healthy, but it’s not too complicated either! All you need is a food processor, a large mixing bowl and one or two round cake pans.


8. 10-Minute Seitan ‘Beef’ and Broccoli

Vegan 10-Minute Seitan ‘Beef’ and Broccoli

Source: 10-Minute Seitan ‘Beef’ and Broccoli

This 10-Minute Seitan ‘Beef’ and Broccoli by Kristen Genton is a quick, easy version of the classic Chinese dish, beef and broccoli. The slightly spicey, sweet sauce coats the tender broccoli and the sautéed seitan and the whole thing is topped with fresh green onions and sesame seeds. You’ll never have to order delivery again.

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