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Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just published, fresh-out-the-mill recipes in one convenient place! These are the top vegan recipes of the day, and are now a part of the thousands of recipes on our Food Monster App! We have milkshakes, pasta, and hummus, so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite!

1. Apple Pear Smoothie

Screen Shot 2019 05 01 At 4 32 47 Pm

Source: Apple Pear Smoothie

This Apple Pear Smoothie by Desiree Rodriguez is delish. If you’re worried about drinking a cold smoothie during the winter, don’t let that stop you. A smoothie can cool you down if you get hot from wearing too many layers of clothes or if you just finished working out. Plus this is much cheaper to make than buying it already made.

2. Smoked Tofu and Chickpea Spread

Screen Shot 2019 03 28 At 11 52 47 Am

Source: Smoked Tofu and Chickpea Spread by Aryane Héroux-Blais

This healthy, smoked Smoked Tofu and Chickpea Spread by Aryane Héroux-Blais is delicious, cheap and easy-to-make. To turn those boring lunches into scrumptious meals!

3. Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Screen Shot 2019 04 18 At 11 22 40 Am

Source: Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

This is a simple, healthy, and delicious smoothie! This Chocolate Cherry Smoothie by Sarah and Peter Hagstrom is a tasty way to start or end the day!

4. Cinnamon Vanilla Milkshake

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Source: Cinnamon Vanilla Milkshake

Nothing hits the spot like a milkshake! The cinnamon in this Cinnamon Vanilla Milkshake by Desiree Rodriguez not only gives it a great rich flavor but also has anti-inflammatory properties and lowers blood sugar.

5. Napoletana Pumpkin With Pasta

Pumpkin Pasta 7

Source: Napoletana Pumpkin With Pasta

This Napoletana Pumpkin With Pasta by Olivia Budgen is a rich tomato sauce and the addition of pumpkin and pine nuts make it deliciously satisfying. You can make this dish your own by choosing your favourite type of pasta.

6. Tofu Scramble and Collard Greens


Source: Tofu Scramble and Collard Greens

This is a little bowl of health to start your day! It is full of nutrients and protein! This Tofu Scramble and Collard Greens by Alex Wolfe is full of flavor and makes an excellent breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

7. Instant Raw Vegan Feta Cheese

Raw Vegan Feta Cheese 600x450

Source: Instant Raw Vegan Feta Cheese

Use this amazing Instant Raw Vegan Feta Cheese by Nikki Stokes is perfect for all your tangy cheese needs! It works well as dip, in salads, or even on its own!

8. Oil-Free Buffalo Tahini Dressing

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Source: Oil-Free Buffalo Tahini Dressing

This is a super simple, oil free, and delicious Buffalo Tahini Dressing by Kennedy Kitchings! Drizzle it over your favorite salads or add it to your sandwich.

9. Turmeric and Ginger Hummus

Img 0170

Source: Turmeric and Ginger Hummus

Making your own hummus is cheap and easy! This Turmeric and Ginger Hummus by Andri Neocleous includes turmeric, giving it a vibrant color that will pop on the plate!

10. Masoor Dal with Bitter Gourd Chips

Croppedgourdheavenly Vegan Dals Masoor Dal With Bitter Gourd Chips

Source: Masoor Dal with Bitter Gourd Chips

This Masoor Dal with Bitter Gourd Chips by Rakhee Yadav makes a wonderfully flavored lunch or dinner. The bitter gourd keeps true to its name. It is quite bitter, but it is a perfect pairing with this delicious dal. With every mouthful, you get that ever-so-slightly-bitter taste, which is a delightful surprise.

11. Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding 

Vanillabeanchiapudding 1200x750

Source: Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is an incredibly easy breakfast to prepare overnight. Creamy and nutritious, the vanilla beans give this Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding by Natalie Yonan that perfect touch of decadence. Chia seeds are a great source of essential fatty acids!

12. Fried Mac and ‘Cheese’ Balls

Vegan Fried Mac And Cheese 1200x750

Source: Fried Mac and ‘Cheese’ Balls

These decadent Fried Mac and ‘Cheese’ Balls by Ashley Hankins are comfort food personified. The creamy, fiery jalapeño mac and cheese shaped into balls, coated in a flour and panko crust, and then fried until the balls become golden-brown orbs of deliciousness. Oh, and they are served with a zesty cheese sauce on the side.

If it’s more recipes you’re after, check out these recipes and thousands more by downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for iPhone! The app has more than 15,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes and subscribers get access to new recipes every day.

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