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Celebrate National French Toast Day the right way by checking out these amazing french toast recipes all found on the Food Monster App. Brunch lovers, rejoice. This is your day to indulge.

1. Almond Cardamom and Vanilla French Toast

Sweet, moist, decadent… this Almond Cardamom and Vanilla French Toast is a keeper, for sure! It gets a soft doughy texture from almond milk, and a lovely flavor from ground cardamom and pure vanilla extract. You can follow the recipe to the T and adorn this french toast with berries and maple syrup or get creative!

2. Hot Chocolate Nutella French Toast

Uh-huh, you read that title right. All your wildest dreams are going to come true with this super-indulgent and crazy delicious weekend brunch recipe. Or midweek recipe. Heck, have this for dinner if you want!  We called it the Hot Chocolate Nutella French Toast because it tastes the way we like hot chocolate: thick and luxurious, extra chocolatey, bittersweet. In short, totally irresistible.

3. Fig and Ricotta Challah French Toast

French toast is SO much better when made with a thick bread like challah. Plus, you can make the challah yourself to make it all that more delicious (and impressive)! Wait a day or two after baking to make this luxurious Fig and Ricotta Challah French Toast breakfast with the added bonus of fresh figs.

4. Banana French Toast

This Banana French Toast uses healthy ingredients like banana, almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla. Egg free, dairy free…nothing but goodness here!

5. Strawberry Pecan Stuffed French Toast

Blended bananas are the perfect substitute for the traditional egg in this decadent Strawberry Pecan Stuffed French Toast recipe. A regular loaf of bread works great, or you can try slicing up a mini baguette for fun, bite-size toasts. I’ve decorated this sweet breakfast with maple syrup and additional fresh strawberries, but a simple sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar or even an additional spoonful of the strawberry filling would both make excellent toppings.

6. Pumpkin French Toast Casserole With Maple Whiskey Caramel

Impress your family at brunch with this easy vegan Pumpkin French Toast Casserole With Maple Whiskey Caramel. Prepare everything the night before, pop in the oven, and have your family wake up to the smell of warm French toast and caramel. This recipe is the perfect holiday breakfast or brunch dish or for any fall or winter weekend when you want to start your day off with a treat.

7. Spiced Chai French Toast

This is the most delightful breakfast ever; Spiced Chai French Toast. I have to tell you, if you’re making French toast with regular ol’ sammy bread, you’re doing it wrong. Once you make it with actual French bread (well, French “style” bread)… oh gosh, just– if you haven’t, you need to. Sandwich bread is for sandwiches and French bread is obviously for, well, French toast.

8. Healthy Blueberry Banana French Toast

This Healthy Blueberry Banana French Toast is soft, moist, and delicious! Blueberries and bananas are the perfect flavors for this favorite brunch food, providing just the perfect amount of sweetness. Top with blueberries, cinnamon, maple syrup, and maybe a dollop of whipped coconut cream to make it even more mouthwatering.

9. French Toast Bread

French Toast Bread counts, too. Does this recipe even need an explanation? This recipe is effortless, doesn’t require vegan eggs, has minimal ingredients, low sugar in the bread itself, you can cut the sugar content by opting out of either topping, takes minimal time, and tastes like french toast through and through! If you’re craving modern vegan breakfast sweets, you have to try this french toast bread.

10. Banana French Toast With Cinnamon Apples

Inspired by The Breakfast Club (the restaurant chain, not the film), this Banana French Toast With Cinnamon Apples is probably better served for a lazy Sunday brunch. But as we don’t have a day dedicated to brunches, we thought we would include it here. It’s too good not to share.

11. Fried Plantain French Toast Sandwich

Meet the perfect brunch time meal. In this Fried Plantain French Toast Sandwich, ripe plantains are sliced and fried until the edges are sweet and caramelized and sandwiched between two slices of coconut milk French toast. The toast is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with notes of warm nutmeg and cinnamon. Serve this French toast sandwich with a drizzle of maple syrup and a side of savory hash browns.

12. Apple Cornbread French Toast Cake With Roasted Strawberries

Cornbread is pretty perfect on its own, but what happens when you mix it with apples, roasted strawberries, AND French toast? Even more perfection! This Apple Cornbread French Toasted With Roasted Strawberries makes a uniquely awesome brunch dish or autumn dessert.

13. Healthier Cinnamon French Toast

The banana batter makes this a Healthier Cinnamon French Toast a classic brunch favorite!

14. Festive French Toast Casserole

This Festive French Toast Casserole is a gorgeous breakfast for sharing, super easy to prepare and to cook in the morning for your family and friends. Day-old bread is soaked in a spiced coconut milk batter and then baked until the top is slightly crisp and the dish is warmed through. Decorate with cranberries for a festive touch and a nice tart taste that complements the sweet, creamy bread. It tastes equally as beautiful with a sprinkling of raisins!

15. Pumpkin French Toast

Hello, brunch! Made with pumpkin puree, warm spices, and drizzled with maple syrup, this delicious Pumpkin French Toast will be your new favorite.

Be the talk of the table when you dish out these amazing french toast recipes. Perfect for brunch, but honestly, french toast is good any time of day. Or night. No judgement here. In fact, here are some great Hearty Meatless Sausages you can find by downloading the Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 8,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to ten new recipes per day. Check it out! And pass the maple syrup!

Lead image source: Strawberry Pecan Stuffed French Toast