In the country of foie gras and beef bourguignon, veganism is rising up and growing strong. In France, French consumers are finally opening their eyes to discover the horrors of the meat, dairy, and egg industries. Eating meat is becoming a more controversial topic, and animal rights advocates are holding anti-slaughterhouse protests.

Geoffrey Le Guilcher, author of the book Steak Machine and animal activist, explains that a new generation of activists are emerging in France, making people realize that there is not a just reason for eating meat. This topic is not new to consumers in the U.S. as debates are ensuing about fake meat, but living without animal protein is an increasingly new idea to French consumers.


Force-feeding ducks to make foie gras is still presented as ordinary and necessary in France to produce fine cuisine, but certain organizations wish to change the way people think of food.

Organizations like L214 and Greenpeace are doing incredible things to help make appropriate changes. L214 has been raising awareness by releasing footage of animal mistreatment to social media to inform viewers of the cruelty. Greenpeace, on the other hand, released a report showing that French school cafeterias offer meat at every single meal, which brings the daily protein intake for young pupils way above the recommended allowance. They do amazing work that helps bring vegetarian meals to school cafeterias.

Animal activists in France working diligently to spread awareness to the French community, which may have something to do with the recent decrease in meat consumption as well as rising health concerns regarding meat.

In a study published by Xerfi, 30% of French consumers are making efforts to cut back on meat consumption. This number is only anticipated to grow.


Want to eat delicious French-inspired food without the cruelty?

You can still eat decadent and mouthwatering French food with just a few plant-based substitutes. Here are some ideas from our Food Monster App!

Champignon Au Vin: Mushrooms in Red Wine

This recipe for a classic braised chicken recipe has been slightly modified to create a Champignon au vin, or mushrooms in a fragrant red wine sauce. It has all the flavor of the classic recipe, just minus the meat!

Tempeh and Mushroom Bourguignon

Oh, the warming appeal of a dish of Tempeh and Mushroom Bourguignon. With its fragrant herbs and spices and rich flavor, you absolutely cannot go wrong. This version includes savory tempeh and mushrooms instead of beef!

Classic French Crepes with Vanilla Cashew Cream

These crepes are wonderful paired with a steeping cup full of coffee for breakfast, or for a bit of dessert! They are draped with the most lovely vanilla cashew cream and can be topped with any additional toppings you desire.


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