Food is one of the common threads of humanity. It’s imperative to our survival,  it’s a central component of our celebrations and get-togethers, and it’s essentially how we transfer our culture to something edible and delicious. Considering we all coexist on this one planet, it’s no surprise that over the years we have gotten creative and started to blend dishes together to create something innovative. This act of combining the aspects of two different cuisines is called fusion.

Some people dislike the idea of fusion food, claiming that in the process of creating it, cuisines are muddied and that, to an extent, some of the heritage of a cuisine is lost. While we totally understand this point of view, here at One Green Planet, we celebrate fusion! We even created a whole section in the Food Monster app for it. After all, if melding two types of cuisines together gets more people to try something delicious, isn’t that a good thing? Plus, fusion food is super fun! Not only is it a total life hack for when you’re craving two different types of food, but it allows you to create dishes that you would never find at a restaurant.

American Fusion Collage 2

The Food Monster app (available right here!) has all of the coolest fusion dishes you’ll ever see! Craving Indian food and pizza at the same time? No problem! Simply apply all of the amazing spices Indian cuisine is known for, and apply it to your favorite Italian dish! Now that is one scrumptious Indian Tikka Masala pizza! Don’t feel like sharing with other people? We don’t blame you, how about a personal pot pie filled with zesty Indian goodness? Yum! Where else will you see a southern staple with an Indian twist? Yeah, that’s right, nowhere.

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As lovers of both American comfort food and Asian delicacies, you better believe we also stocked the Food Monster app with plenty of American-Asian fusion recipes! We’ve got fermented fun like our Korean Kimchi BBQ Burgers, the masterpiece that is the Sriracha Tofu Bagel Sandwich, and an insanely delicious pickled Banh Mi Chay Dog. We even have a classic American corn on the cob drizzled with Thai Chili Lime Mayo! Or maybe you feel like having sushi, but don’t necessarily feel like using chopsticks. In fact, maybe you just want something you can carry around and chomp on with ease. Good thing the Food Monster app has an awesome Sweet Potato Sushi Burrito!

These recipes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Food Monster’s American Fusion collection. To see the rest you’ll have to peruse the app yourself! Enter with caution, though, massive cravings will ensue.

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