Just when you thought the latest trend in foods was rainbow hues and millennial pinks, a new color arrived that darkens things up a bit. Pitch-black foods, and beverages, and beauty products are sweeping the internet and the nation. From ice cream cones to hamburger buns, these burnt-looking meals are making themselves known. But what exactly gives these foods their dark, dark hues? Activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is the byproduct of burning coconut shells, plant materials, and wood. No, it’s not actually burnt. Despite charcoal having been around for a while, social media has aided its sudden re-popularity, especially among millennials.


According to Global data, “Millennials share pictures of food and drinks they consume on social media much more frequently than their older counterparts.” Thus, the charcoal croissant. After being shared on Twitter, the disgust yet want for this baked good heightened. The cafe in London that created this croissant, Coco di Mama, shared it and received nearly 40,000 likes and over 9,400 comments, many of which were filled with disgust and intrigue.

The restaurant has defended the questionable-looking pastry, saying, “It tastes better than it looks.”

Want to try some activated charcoal recipes?

With all the benefits of this new ingredient, check out all these charcoal-infused recipes from our Food Monster App!

Activated Charcoal Nice CreamActivated Charcoal Nice Cream

This Activated Charcoal Nice Cream is a pretty and pleasant tasting breakfast option. The nut butter of choice this time was homemade brazil nut butter which you get by simply blending 1-2 cups of brazil nuts until smooth and creamy.


Holiday Detox Bliss Balls With Activated CharcoalHoliday Detox Bliss Balls With Activated Charcoal

These Holiday Detox Bliss Balls With Activated Charcoal will allow you to indulge a little and have a beautiful snack at the same time.

Black Detox SmoothieBlack Detox Smoothie

For a vegan smoothie option, try these Black Detox Smoothie. This yummy smoothie’s loaded with fiber, tropical flavor, and activated charcoal.

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Lead image source: Coco di Mama/Facebook