These are tough times. Those of us who are able to, are staying home as much as possible and avoiding much contact with other people. We’re trying to contain coronavirus and prevent spreading it to others, especially those more vulnerable. In order to do our part, we’re staying home more and using up what we have at home. Don’t worry, you can still make delicious plant-based meals with pantry staples. Whether you aren’t sure what to make or just haven’t stocked up yet, here are some pantry staples you might want to have at home: rice, pasta, potatoes, canned beans, tomato sauce, canned veggies, flour, oats, and other shelf stable or long-lasting goods!

We put together 10 simple, easy, affordable recipes you can make using those pantry staples to make your life a little bit easier during these difficult times.


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1. Simple Mexican Rice

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Source: Simple Mexican Rice

Throw out the packaged Mexican rice that’s filled with preservatives! You can now have a delicious, homemade Simple Mexican Rice that’s made with all natural ingredients! It’s quick and easy to prepare and makes the perfect side dish to Mexican night with this recipe by Sabrina Estafo. With just the right amount of spiciness and ample Mexican flavors, this gluten-free, vegan, clean-eating, and guilt-free rice will be your new go-to!

2. Tomato Pasta

easy vegan tomato pasta

Source: Tomato Pasta


This easy vegan Tomato Pasta with cream cheese recipe by Chickpea Express is the perfect weeknight meal and makes for awesome leftover lunches!

3. Simple Veggie Fried Rice

Vegan and gluten-free Simple Vegan Fried Rice

Source: Simple Veggie Fried Rice

This Simple Veggie Fried Rice by Christina Bedetta can be made with ingredients you like already have at home.

4. Rice and Bean Burgers

rice and bean burgers

Source: Rice and Bean Burgers


This low FODMAP veggie burger is vegan, loaded with nutritious ingredients and easy to digest. Plus, it’s so flavorful with meaty texture and consistency. You only need one bowl and 10 simple ingredients for these low fodmap Rice and Bean Burgers by Stefani Weiss.

5. One-Pot Curry Pasta

One-Pot Curry Pasta

Source: One-Pot Curry Pasta

This is a simple yet flavorful One-Pot Curry Pasta by  Lenny Wu — the best of both worlds.

6. Spicy Chipotle Rice and Beans

Spicy Rice and Beans

Source: Spicy Chipotle Rice and Beans

If your diet consists of beans and rice (like ours does), then you need to have this Spicy Chipotle Rice and Beans by Kristen Genton in your recipe book on hand at all times! It’s not just your typical beans and rice, but it adds LOADS of flavor for not that much more work. This will definitely jazz up your weekly beans and rice kick. It’s great on its own, but in tacos or burritos it would shine!

7. Super Simple Potato Curry

Vegan simple potato curry

Source: Super Simple Potato Curry

It takes about 5 minutes to prepare this vegan Super Simple Potato Curry by Jennifer Harmon! All you have to do is cut the potatoes and then dump everything in a large sauce pan and simmer. Then, you just have to wait 20 minutes for it to get hot and the potatoes to get soft. Not quite as simple as throwing a pizza in the oven, but pretty damn close. This recipe for vegan potato curry is also extremely cheap to make and can feed the masses. Everyone will love – you might even have to double the recipe!


8. Three Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

Vegan three bean and sweet potato chili

Source: Three Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

Break out your soup pot and fix up a batch of this colorful and satisfying Three Bean and Sweet Potato Chili by Jennifer Strohmeyer. It’s perfect for Game Day or to warm you up on a cold night!

9. Savory Mushroom Oats

Savory mushroom oats

Source: Savory Mushroom Oats

A hearty recipe perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This meaty, Savory Mushroom Oats recipe by Meredith Youngson is easy to make, uniquely delicious, and low in fat. The perfect combination for a healthy, warm meal on a cold day.

10. Ultimate Teriyaki Stir-Fry

Source: Ultimate Teriyaki Stir-Fry

Readers often say that this Ultimate Teriyaki Stir-Fry recipe by Dreena Burton, originally from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, is better than any take-out! It’s also super easy to make! Just blend the ingredients for the teriyaki sauce together, saute the tofu and veggies, and toss everything together! Skip the take out and whip up something that the entire family will thank you for (their health will thank you too!) A simple, healthy meal that is perfect for lazy nights. This teriyaki vegetable stir fry recipe is so full of flavor, you won’t want to get take-out!

Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home!

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