Not only are mushrooms packed with nutrition, but they can be a versatile ingredient in a number of delicious, healthy meals.

From tangy lime to spicy curry, mushrooms can be marinated with all kinds of delicious sauciest bring out their chewy, tender texture. Here are 15 of the best marinated mushroom recipes from the Food Monster App for you to try out for yourself!


1. Easy Marinated and Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Source: Easy Marinated and Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

This recipe for Easy Marinated and Grilled Portobello Mushrooms by Rini Desai is a great way to get more mushrooms into your diet! Serve these crispy mushrooms as a burger, over rice, or on skewers.

2. Lime-Marinated Mushrooms

Source: Lime-Marinated Mushrooms

These Lime-Marinated Mushrooms by Joyce Gan are a tangy lime-flavored take on traditional marinated mushrooms. This sweet and salty recipe uses bella mushrooms for a milder flavor than shitake mushrooms.


3. Raw Marinated Mushroom Soup

Source: Raw Marinated Vegan Mushroom Soup

Lisa Viger’s Raw Marinated Vegan Mushroom Soup is packed with nutrients. This savory raw recipe uses tomatoes and avocado along with the mushrooms!

4. Thyme Grilled Mushrooms

Source: Thyme Grilled Mushrooms

These tasty Thyme Grilled Mushrooms from Jodi Kay are perfect for serving on a burger bun. You can also put them in a salad with veggies and greens.


5. Garlicky Barbecue Mushroom Kebabs

Source: Garlicky Barbecue Mushroom Kebabs

These vegan Garlicky Barbecue Mushroom Kebabs from Gloria Sucic are a perfect crowd-pleaser for your next event. They’ll make any mushroom naysayers reconsider these tasty fungi.


6. Marinated Tomato Mushroom Bagels

Source: Marinated Tomato Mushroom Bagels

This recipe for Marinated Tomato Mushroom Bagels by The Rose and Bean makes for a breakfast that’ll give you the energy to take on the day. The flavors of the marinated mushrooms and tomatoes combine a sweet and smoky taste with the satisfaction of a bagel. This recipe can even be made gluten-free!

7. The Best Crispy Mushrooms

Source: The Best Crispy Mushrooms

Robin Runner’s recipe for The Best Crispy Mushrooms make an excellent side dish for any meal. The crunch of these mushrooms pairs perfectly with the mix of bold and smoky spices.


8. Tangy Mushroom Skewers

Source: Tangy Mushroom Skewers

This recipe for Tangy Mushroom Skewers by Natalie Tamara combines tomato ketchup and apple cider vinegar flavors for a zesty take on mushrooms for your next barbecue.

9. Champiñones al Ajillo: Spanish Garlic Mushroom Tapas

Source: Champiñones al Ajillo: Spanish Garlic Mushroom Tapas

Raymund Macaalay’s recipe for Champiñones al Ajillo: Spanish Garlic Mushroom Tapas is a simple idea for tasty mushrooms. The white button mushrooms in this dish are combined with garlic and vegan butter, making them a savory side dish great for completing a meal or just pairing with a beer.

10. Beer Butter Mushrooms

Source: Beer Butter Mushrooms

Dana Sandonato combines lager or pilsner with mushrooms for this Beer Butter Mushrooms recipe. This simple-to-make dish uses vegan butter to achieve its decadent flavor.

11. Raw Curry with Marinated Mushrooms and Onions

Source: Raw Curry with Marinated Mushrooms & Onions

This Raw Curry with Marinated Mushrooms & Onions by Emily von Euw is simple but has a bold flavor. Onions, curry powder, and cashew milk make up the curry, and marinated mushrooms add some extra flavor and nutrition for this delicious raw dinner.

12. Creamy and Raw Butternut Squash Soup with Marinated Mushrooms

Source: Creamy and Raw Butternut Squash Soup

Another Emily von Euw recipe, this Creamy and Raw Butternut Squash Soup with Marinated Mushrooms is another savory raw dish that’s simple to make. The soup combines butternut squash with miso and garlic for a creamy texture to complement the marinated mushrooms.

13. Tempeh Bacon Salad with Marinated Mushrooms

Source: Tempeh Bacon Salad with Marinated Mushrooms

This Tempeh Bacon Salad with Marinated Mushrooms by Christine DesRoches is for those who love a salad packed with nutritious ingredients. With tempeh bacon, marinated mushrooms, and creamy cashew and sun-dried tomato dressing, there’s a little of everything in this recipe!

14. Balsamic Roasted Garlic Mushrooms

Source: Balsamic Roasted Garlic Mushrooms

Laine Rudolfa’s Balsamic Roasted Garlic Mushrooms have a rich flavor combining tangy balsamic vinegar with rosemary and thyme. A splash of zesty lemon juice tops off these tasty shrooms.

15. Red Curry Mushroom Toast

Source: Red Curry Mushroom Toast

This Red Curry Mushroom Toast by Heejee Lee might replace your favorite avocado toast recipe. This spicy, creamy red curry sauce complements the mixed mushrooms in this dairy and nut-free dish perfectly.

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