Consumers, nowadays, want to know as much as they can about the origins of their food. This could be done by shopping at their local farmer’s market, only buying products with decipherable nutrition labels, or growing the food themselves. While normally, home gardeners would have to scour the internet for seeds, appropriate growing pots, plant food, and soil, or ingredients and special gadgets for things like artisan dairy-free cheese, there is another option you may not know about: DIY kits!

DIY kits make it infinitely easier for everyday folks to go from consumer to producer. Whether it’s fermenting your own tempeh at home or growing mushrooms out of a box, these kits usually come with everything you need from seeds to soil. If you want to get closer to the source of your food (by becoming the source of your food) check out these 14 DIY kits, all available online!


  1. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Grow Anything Kit

    If you don’t know where to start with Grow-Your-Own Kits, your best bet is likely investing in a product like Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Grow Anything Kit. This kit has supplies for one season growing, including seven grow sponges, grow domes, grow baskets, and labels. The seeds themselves are not included. It also comes with some of Miracle-Gro’s patented liquid nutrients and a growing guide with step-by-step instructions. Reviewers are reporting that this kit is easy to use and yields good results when used correctly. Reviewers have been using this kit to grow basil, tomatoes, cilantro, and other herbs. You can get this seven-pod kit for about $10.50.

  2. Avoseedo

    Guac lovers often fantasize about one day having their own avocado tree. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider investing in the AvoSeedo. This tiny device is extremely simple to use. According to the company, you simply peel an avocado pit, put it in the center of the device, place in water, and voila! You are on your way to having an avocado tree. Reviewers are reporting that the Avoseedo is easy to use, that it worked much better than DIY methods, and the device allows you to see the progress very well. You can get one Avoseedo for $10.

  3. Grow and Make Artisan Hot Sauce Kit

    Are you a hot sauce fanatic? Well, with the Grow and Make Artisan Hot Sauce Kit, you can ditch your store-bought sauces and make your own! The kit includes three types of peppers – Chipotle, Arbol, and Guajillo – as well as cayenne, ancho, curry, and chili New Mexico powders, brown sugar, apple cider and white vinegar, six bottles with lids, six customizable labels, a funnel, gloves, cleaners, and instructions. Reviewers are saying that this kit comes nicely packaged, makes a great gift, is easy-to-follow, and provides hours of fun. You can get this kit for about $40.

  4. Foodie Garden Tomato Takeover

    Foodie Garden Tomato Takeover is a tomato-growing kit that comes with coco fiber wafers (for the soil), seeds, a silver tin rectangular planter, and instructions. The container comes with three plants set up, so all you have to do when it arrives is add water. Then, if and when the tomatoes grow, you can transfer them to a larger pot. Reviewers are reporting that the kit comes nicely and minimally packaged in eco-friendly materials and will brighten any room. You can get this kit for about $23.

  5. Real Tempeh You Make at Home

    There’s something so satisfying about making your own food from scratch. While the more popular method of consuming tempeh, the traditional Indonesian food made from soybeans, is buying the packaged version at the store, Real Tempeh You Make at Home allows you to make your own. The kit allows you to ferment soybeans to create the firm, nutty texture of tempeh. The package comes with four soybean packets. Reviewers are saying that this kit is easy-to-use, is a cheaper option than buying tempeh, tastes good, and is healthy. You can get one package for about $7.

  6. Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm

    Have some time to spare before you have to use your mushrooms? Then consider growing your own mushrooms with this Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm! According to the company, this grow kit allows you to grow organic, edible Oyster mushrooms in just 10 days. The process boils down to three steps: open the box, mist with water, and harvest the crop. While reviews seem to be mixed as to how successful the harvest is (even if you follow instructions to the T) there are several reviewers who have had success growing their mushrooms. This is definitely a more whimsical route to go if you need mushrooms. If you’d like to try your gardening hand at this endeavor, you can get one kit for a little over $20.

  7. Sprout-Ease The Jar Seed Sprouter

    Have you ever dreamed about growing fresh sprouts year-round from the comfort of your own kitchen? Well, with the Sprout-Ease The Jar Seed Sprouter, you may just be able to! This device is pretty simple: it’s a glass jar with three different-sized jar toppers. According to the company, the different lids allow you to grow a variety of small, medium, and large sprouts, including lentils, alfalfa, radishes, and more. Many reviewers have reported successful results with this product and say that it is durable, “unbelievably” easy to use, easy to clean, and a great deal for the price.

  8. DuneCraft Always Aloe Kit

    Aloe gel is used for soothing skin, can be made into a drink, and is even used to cook. DuneCraft Always Aloe Kit allows you to grow your own aloe plant right at home. Their kit comes with a seed and plant kit, plants and soil, and seeds. The packaging itself is supposed to emulate a greenhouse and help the aloe plant grow. Reviewers are reporting that using this kit is “fun and fascinating,” is a great project to get kids involved in gardening, and works well if used properly. One reviewer who had a successful yield also pointed out that it’s important to keep the lid on (so the warmth stays inside) and to keep the soil moist. To try your hand at growing aloe, you can get this kit for $9.50.

  9. Home Greens Simply Good Box

    Commonly confused with sprouts, microgreens are the shoots of salad vegetables such as arugula, Swiss chard, mustard, and beetroot. They are picked just after the first leaves have developed. With Home Greens Simply Good Box you can grow microgreens from your kitchen. Specifically, the kit includes seeds for pea, wheatgrass, sunflower, and radish greens. The box itself is the plant container so all you need to start growing is soil. Reviewers are saying that this kit is eco-friendly, is easy to set up, and yields great results. Reviewers advise that if you end up purchasing this kit, to make sure you keep the soil moist and follow the basic instructions on the box. You can get this kit for $30.

  10. Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit

    Every walk through the farmer’s market and wonder what some crazy-looking vegetables were but didn’t want to ask a vendor? Well, with Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit, you can cook five funky-looking vegetables, and learn all about them yourself! This kit comes with seeds for five different vegetables: purple carrots, red Brussels sprouts, stripy tomatoes, yellow zucchini, and rainbow chard. As well as everything else you need, including five growing plots, five pleats, and five plant markers. Reviewers are saying that this kit has an interesting variety, is easy to use, and makes a great gift. You can get one for a $19.

  11. EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Heirloom Seeds Kit

    With EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Heirloom Seeds Kit you can grow a diverse home garden all in one fell swoop. The kit comes with seeds for carrots, onions, corn, eggplant, cucumber, tomato, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, and celery. All of the seeds are non-GMO, organic, and, according to the company, grown in small quantities in the USA. Reviewers are reporting that this kit is cleverly designed and packaged, is generously equipped with seeds, provides clear instructions and information on the plants, and may just be too cute to give away as a gift. You can get one of these kits for a little under $22.

  12. Druids Grove Vegan Cheese Kit

    There are plenty of dairy-free cheeses on the market today, but if you want to try your hand at making vegan cheese on your own, with Druids Grove Vegan Cheese Kit, you can! This non-GMO and organic product comes with everything you need to make vegan mozzarella cheese including lactic acid, soy milk powder, tapioca flour, kappa carrageenan, sea salt, and coconut oil. Druids Grove says that the mozz cheese that is produced with this kit is perfect for lasagna, eggplant parm, and pizza. According to reviewers, it takes about 15-20 minutes to make the cheese and as long as the directions are followed, it turns out well. You can get one kit for $20.

  13. Gardens Alive! Two-Tiered Seed Sprouter

    Growing sprouts in mason jars is pretty easy. However, if you want to give your sprouts a little more room to stretch, you should consider investing in Gardens Alive! Two-Tiered Seed Sprouter. According to Gardens Alive! sprouts grown in this container are ready to eat in 2-7 days, and since the sprouter is multi-tiered, you can grow different sprouts at the same time. Reviewers are reporting that this sprouter is sturdy, well-made, and allows for a faster process than the mason jar method does. You can get this sprouter for about $13.

  14. Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetables Seed Starter Kit

    Nature’s Blossom Crazy Garden Plant Kit comes with everything you need to grow five out-of-the-ordinary vegetables: purple carrot, black corn, lemon cucumber, five-colors swiss chard, and romanesco broccoli. It contains seeds, soil mix discs, five biodegradable growing pots, five plant markers, and a detailed step-by-step instruction book. This kit is meant for outdoor use. Reviewers are reporting that this product has everything you need to grow the plants, is a fun family activity, yields results quickly, and makes for a great gift. Many reviewers pointed out, however, that it is imperative to soak your seeds for a successful yield. You can get this kit for $19.

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