Pizzas don’t have to be savory, they can be super sweet and perfect for a hand-held dessert! Get your sweet tooth on and have dessert for dinner, or a dinner-inspired dessert!

1. Cinnamon Crumb Dessert Pizza

This Cinnamon Crumb Dessert Pizza is perfect for breakfast or dessert! The cinnamon/brown sugar/butter flavor is just SO good. You will absolutely wow your family and friends with this one. This pizza is warm, cozy, cinnamony, and crazy easy to make.


2. Raw Dessert Pizza With Banana Cream and Berry SauceRaw Dessert Pizza With Banana Cream and Berry Sauce

Look at how rich this Raw Dessert Pizza With Banana Cream and Berry Sauce looks! This ultra-decadent raw dessert starts with a chewy crust made from dates, almonds, and coconuts.

3. Nutella Dessert Pizza nutella-dessert-pizza

Yummy! This Nutella Dessert Pizza is so rich! The recipe for the crust is simple and worth keeping on hand for any other dessert pizzas in your future, but the real star of the show (unsurprisingly) is the homemade vegan Nutella!

4. Sweet Pizza: Blackberry, Ricotta, and Chocolate 

This Sweet Pizza: Blackberry, Ricotta, and Chocolate looks delicious! Fresh fruit, silky topping, and pizza crust! What more could you ask for?!

5. Chocolate Cherry Pizza TartVegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Pizza Tart

This Chocolate Cherry Pizza Tart is decadence in pizza form. This dessert pie has a chocolate and almond oat base covered in a chocolate hazelnut spread and topped with fresh cherries, coconut flakes, and dark chocolate shavings!


6. Fresh and Fruity Party Pizza Fresh and Fruity Party Pizza [Vegan]

This Fresh and Fruity Party Pizza speaks for itself! It will be the life of the party! This pizza starts with a rich “buttery” sugar cookie crust, smothered with a sweet cream “cheese” sauce, layered with your favorite fruits, and then drizzled with a citrus glaze that both locks in fruit freshness and pulls the whole pizza together.

7. Sweet Plum and Apple Cinnamon Pizza PieVegan Sweet Plum and Apple Cinnamon Pizza Pie

Check out this Sweet Plum and Apple Cinnamon Pizza Pie! It is  the perfect balance of apple and prune with a dash of sweet cinnamon brings out the ultimate flavor experience!

 8. Raw Ice Cream Fruit Pizza raw fruit pizza

This Raw Ice Cream Fruit Pizza is vibrant and perfect for spring! The title says it all! Who doesn’t want a refreshing slice of ice cream pizza that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

9. Oaty Breakfast PizzaOaty Breakfast Pizza [Vegan]

Do you need an excuse to eat breakfast for dessert? Try this Oaty Breakfast Pizza! It’s inexpensive and versatile which is why this “oaty” base works so well.


10. Chocolate Drizzled Blood Orange Cream TartVegan Chocolate Drizzled Blood Orange Cream Tart

This Chocolate Drizzled Blood Orange Cream Tart is so impressive! This tart is especially exciting because of the blood orange. Because of the pre-made dough, it makes it a little easier and time saving!

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Lead image source:  Oaty Breakfast Pizza