The weather is warming up and we’re not just changing what we wear, but also what we eat! Gone are the days of standing over a hot pot on the stove (for most of us) and something about a hot, steaming plate of food just doesn’t sound as great when it’s nearing 90 degrees (or higher) outside and we’re not struggling to stay warm. The body tends to crave cooler foods in the warmer months for a reason, even if you happen to live where it’s somewhat cooler year-round than those in the more humid or tropical climates. Like we need different seasons, our bodies also need a balance of cooked foods to uncooked foods.  There is something pleasing about enjoying a delicious, refreshing meal that you didn’t have to actually cook to produce even if you’re not a 100 percent raw foodie.

These are some of our favorite no-bake recipes, and many of them are also raw if you enjoy that style of eating too. They’re perfect for the spring and summer and will surely satisfy your body’s needs for cooler fare, not to mention take less time in the kitchen.


Cool down and eat up!

1. Pasta Primavera With Creamy Alfredo Sauce

primavera (1)

It might look extravagant and hard to cook, but this pasta primavera is so easy and requires minimal ingredients with no oven necessary! It’s also made with grain-free, veggie-based noodles so it’s also light and easy to digest … perfect for summer!


2. Raw Creamy Spinach Mushroom PastaRaw-Creamy-Spinach-Mushroom-Pasta (1)

>While we’re on the veggie noodle train, why not try this recipe for a creamy pasta dish too? This one features mushrooms, spinach, and a delightful sauce without any dairy needed. It’s also a great source of nutrients and will surely satisfy the soul and palate!


3.  Un-Tuna Wraps


Cold salads are a great dish to enjoy in the spring and summer. Though many people opt for tuna salad, you can enjoy all those same flavors without the tuna at all. No faux ingredients are used here, only whole plant-based foods and some especially delicious and easy seasoning tricks. Get the recipe and save some tuna with your next un-tuna wrap!


4. Portobello Burgers With Collard Greens and Guacamole

burger (2)
Making burgers is a cinch without the beef or heat! These feature meaty and hearty portobello mushrooms, along with iron and calcium-rich collard greens. They’re also satisfying and saucy thanks to the heavenly guacamole added. Did we mention they’re raw and quick-fix too?

5. Overnight Oats With Raspberries and Tahini

tahin-raspberry-voo-copyright (1)

Aside from lunch and dinner, what about the breakfast entree? Skip the skillet once and awhile and opt for the blender or just the fridge instead. How about these overnight oats that are drenched in slightly sweet and tart raspberries and decadent, iron-rich (and protein-rich) tahini? Super easy, filling, and 100 percent perfect for cooler days when cooking oatmeal is just not an option.



6. Banana Cinnamon Crepes With Berry Cinnamon Ice Cream and Mango

crepe (2)

You could enjoy this entree for breakfast, brunch, or even breakfast for dinner. These crepes are the perfect recipe to make when you’re feeling fancy but don’t want a hot meal. It’s also packed with flavor, vitamins, and minerals to keep you feeling your best!



7. Mango Coconut Basil Wraps

wrap (3)

If you’re a wrap kinda person, try making them without cooked tofu, beans, or veggies once in awhile. It’s much easier than you think and will give you a new perspective on the whole wrap concept too. Here in these Mango Coconut Basil Wraps, we’ve got vitamin C, fiber, potassium, healthy fats, and a fresh flavor from the variety of summer ingredients. Give them a try for something new!


8. Miso Sesame Kale BOWL-ed Over


Miso’s healthy probiotics (good bacteria) and rich, savory flavor will keep you both feeling well and satisfied all in one. It’s the perfect ingredient for salad dressing and an excellent way to add no-cook nutrition to your meals. Massaging the kale in this salad with the miso dressing will make it softer and more flavorful, while the sesame seeds add protein, iron, and a nice crunch too!


9.  Raw Pizza

We have a variety of raw pizza recipes, which makes these perfect for a no-cook pizza night. The result is something crunchy, tomato-based, and topped with fresh and filling ingredients. Try it out with this Raw Pizza Night pizza recipe that features uber-filling chia seeds, along with more 100 percent whole, plant-based ingredients.

10. Zucchini and Tomato Lasagna With Cashew Herb Cheese

Marinated-Zucchini-Tomato-Lasagna-With-Cashew-Herb-Cheese-e1409750163634-1200x774 (1)

So maybe you’re feeling lasagna, but not necessarily the oven. No worries! Thanks to this incredibly creamy and rich recipe, you can have the best of both worlds all in one meal. By the way, did we mention this lasagna recipe is actually good for you? It has no refined grains (or any grains), no meat, and no dairy. Win, win!

Making delicious food requires no oven, stove or heat source … not even a slow-cooker (though that is a fuss-free way to cook without much heat). Next time you go to prepare a meal, challenge yourself not to rely on the stove and oven alone. You’d be surprised just how easy it is with what you have lying around your kitchen!

Lead Image Source: Zucchini and Tomato Lasagna With Cashew Herb Cheese