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Dates were something I never really ate when I was younger. They honestly seemed kind of weird and reminded me entirely too much of prunes. But once I started to cook with plant-based ingredients, I recognized how delicious and versatile dates could be. They are not only sweet but also host a variety of health benefits thanks to the significant amount of minerals inside. I never imagined the ways you could use dates until I personally experimented with making a raw dessert that called for a date and nut-based crust – then I fell in love. Not only are dates a natural binding agent due to their sticky texture, but they are also sweet and, when paired with nuts, create a fantastic crust. Check out this recipe for Raw Matcha Coconut Cream Pie to see what I’m talking about!

Dates aren’t just for making raw crusts. That’s not even the beginning! Since they have a lot of sugar, you can blend them up and make caramel for tarts, candy bars, or the center to brownies or chocolate cups. You could also create a delicious fudge-like dessert using nuts, dates, and other wholesome ingredients! With dates, the combination of ingredients that you can mix in your date desserts is what makes them even more versatile. There are so many things that can be created with dates.

I could go on and on, or we could just jump right in and discover the decadence of dates in desserts! Here are 10 delicious recipes from our Food Monster App!

1. Maamoul (Date-Orange Stuffed Cookies)

Maamoul (Date-Orange Stuffed Cookies)

Source: Maamoul

These plump, flaky pastries are filled with just the right mix of sweetness and spice thanks to a blend of dates, orange, and ginger! We bet you can’t just eat one when you make Annie Oliverio‘s Maamoul!

2. Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cups

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cups

Source: Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cups

Who knew something that looks this good can be that good for you? Emily von Euw‘s Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cups will make you a believer in the deliciousness of dates.

3. Healthy Date Caramel

Healthy Date Caramel

Source: Healthy Date Caramel

You can dip anything in Andrea Biethman‘s Healthy Date Caramel. Or put the caramel into a variety of things like chocolate cups or brownies!

4. Salted Date Caramel Crunch Cookies

Salted Date Caramel Crunch Cookies

Source: Salted Date Caramel Crunch Cookies

These are probably some of the easiest cookies to make. If you have an hour or so to spare, then you can make Shannon Leparski‘s Salted Date Caramel Crunch Cookies. You won’t regret biting into these chewy, crunchy, and divine desserts.

5. Quinoa Date Nut Truffles

Quinoa Date Nut Truffles

Source: Date Nut Truffles

Date truffles can be made in a variety of ways using a variety of different ingredients. Besides date, Jennifer Strohmeyer‘s Date Nut Truffles star quinoa as the standout ingredient. Perfect for dessert or if you need some energy on the go.

6. Raw Caramel Brownie Slice

Raw Caramel Brownie Slice

Source: Raw Caramel Brownie Slices

Three layers of delicious, chewy, chocolatey, datey goodness! Josephine Watmore‘s Raw Caramel Brownie Slices will leave your mouth watering and wanting more.

7. Tahini-Orange-Date Crumble Cookies

Tahini-Orange-Date Crumble Cookies

Source: Tahini-Orange-Date Crumble Cookies

These tahini-based cookies are sure to please your palate with a variety of flavors. Annie Oliverio‘s Tahini-Orange-Date Crumble Cookies are tender and will probably be gone in a flash.

8. Date Plum Sorbet

Date Plum Sorbet

Source: Date Plum Sorbet

Who knew dates could go from strange little brown fruits to Gunjan Dudani‘s gorgeous Date Plum Sorbet? Sure to surprise and please your dinner guests on a hot summer day.

9. Vegan Snickers

Vegan Snickers

Source: Vegan Snickers

Vegan Snickers?! Yes, please! These treats by Tomi Makanjuola are are gooey, crunchy, and rich. Who says you can’t be vegan and have your favorite treats?

10. Pecan Pie Bliss Balls

Pecan Pie Bliss Balls

Source: Pecan Pie Bliss Balls

The medjool dates in Stacey Horler‘s Pecan Pie Bliss Balls create a natural, candy like sweetness while the pecans and almonds add a wonderfully nutty, crunchy taste.

Desserts just got a lot more decadent with the inclusion of these tiny, versatile fruits!

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