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Most sauces have more than one function in a dish. A sauce that adds a counterpoint flavor may also introduce textures and visual appeal, for example. Sauces generally serve one or more of the following purposes; to add moisture, visual interest, texture and to enhance flavors. It can also serve as a thickening agent. As a vegan, sauces are so, so important, otherwise, grilled or sautéed dishes can become excruciatingly boring.

Take your vegan meals to the next level with these 10 deliciously creamy, spicy and hearty sauces, as well as some homemade sauces you can make from our Food Monster App!

1. The Wizard’s Organic Gluten Free Vegan Worcestershire SauceVegan Worcestershire Sauce

The Wizard’s Organic Gluten Free Vegan Worcestershire Sauce is crafted from the finest organic brews and seasonings and has a hint of firey deliciousness in every drop. It’s gluten-free, vegan, and totally organic. Add this to a variety of vegan dishes, especially during the summer for outdoor grilling. Buy a bottle for $12.99!

Grieg L Chapian said, “Amazing flavor, great balance of spices. You won’t miss the gluten or the anchovy paste. Super vegan product and I’ll order it again. Very well done.”

2. Watcharee’s Thai Peanut Saucethai vegan peanut sauce

If you’re looking for an authentic peanut sauce, then Watcharee’s Thai Peanut Sauce is the one for you. It’s handcrafted in Maine by Watcharee, a culinary artist trained in Thailand. It’s made from spices, peanuts, rich coconut milk, palm sugar and other organic, delicious ingredients. Add it to dishes like pasta, noodles, wraps or on top of salads to enjoy it the best. You won’t have to worry while eating this sauce because it’s vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains no preservatives at all. Buy a cute little jar for $13.99!

An Amazon reviewer said, “This is restaurant quality Thai peanut sauce that you can heat and serve at home, over noodles, veggies…anything you like! This peanut sauce is very spicy…I added a tablespoon of peanut butter to cool it off slightly. Delicious and I will be ordering more soon!!”

3. Coconut Caramel Sauce by Hey Boococonut caramel sauce vegan

This list isn’t exclusive to dinner sauces only! For a delicious dessert sauce, try this Coconut Caramel Sauce by Hey Boo. You can drizzle this on top of ice cream, waffles, pancakes, French toast or use it inside a crumbly pie for enhanced flavors. It contains no corn syrup, high or low and is perfectly vegan. Buy some for $11.95!

Amazon reviewer, Richard, said, “Caramel and coconut had a baby! I like the rich creaminess with just a hint of coconut. Treat yourself you won’t be disappointed. I love to drizzle a little on my cappuccino!”

4. 365 Everyday Value, Spicy Korean Style Gochujang Barbecue Sauce365 everyday vegan bbq sauce

Brought to you by Whole Foods, this 365 Everyday Value, Spicy Korean Style Gochujang Barbecue Sauce is truly the epitome of summer cooking. Grill out by the pool or serve up a big family bbq seitan dish with this unique and kicky Korean sauce. It’s a medium heat, so you won’t burn your tongue, and is 100% vegan! Buy a bottle for $3.99! It’s sure to shake up your summer grilling game.

5. Vegan Fysh Saucevegan fish sauce

Have you ever had a vegan fish sauce? Most haven’t heard of it, so this Vegan Fysh Sauce will blow your mind! It’s made from organic seaweed and is free of all refined sugars. It’s gluten-free and wheat-free, so enjoy as often as you wish. Add it to stir-fries, rice, soups, marinades, salads and more! Buy some for $18.25!

Twinzie said, “I love this stuff. I like to make a lot of Asian dishes but don’t feel comfortable using fish/oyster sauce. This is a great replacement and makes my recipes taste great. It’s a little pricey but so worth it.”

6. Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods Simmer SauceCurry sauce

This beautifully crafted Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods Simmer Sauce is the perfect summer simmer sauce. This vegan and gluten-free sauce contains hints of nutmeg, mace and easily adds depth to any dish, whether it’s chickpeas, curry or fresh vegetables. Enjoy the mountainous state of Kashmir. Buy a jar for $5.99!

An Amazon reviewer said, “I used to buy this at William Sonoma at 14 dollars a jar and then they discontinued it. It was my family’s favorite dish. So delicious and authentic. Then I found it on Amazon, I was hesitant to order as I was afraid it would not be as good, so I ordered one jar. This is the original and still as good for an amazing price. So ordered a six pack for 32 dollars which is I what I paid for only 2 jars at William Sonoma.”

7. Mr. Organic Organic Basil Pestobasil vegan sauce

Mr. Organic Organic Basil Pesto sauce is a great addition to any vegan pasta dish. This pesto is based on a traditional recipe from Genoa where the best basil is grown and where this simple sauce originated. HM said, “Nice! this is by far the best.” You can purchase some of your own for $9.58!

8. LAHTT SAUCE All Purpose Chili Oil Saucevegan Chili Oil Sauce

Lahtt Sauce All-Purpose Chili Oil Sauce is a satisfyingly unique dinner sauce to incorporate into your everyday dishes. It features a tasty blend of sunflower oil, organic tamari soy sauce, and authentic chilies and spices. It’s made from organic shiitake mushroom. Use it over dumplings, veggie stir fry’s, with tofu or in an Asian-inspired rice bowl. This brand never contains gluten, MSG, preservatives, and GMOs. Buy a jar for $9.49!

JPM said, “We discovered this sauce at the Artisanal LA food fair and have been OBSESSED with it ever since. We seriously add it to EVERYTHING. It’s like crack. We even started making salad dressings with it by adding a little oil and vinegar. Just want to give a huge shout out to the creators of this product – it’s truly delicious and one of my new must-have items in the fridge.”

9. Coop’s MicroCreamery Vegan Hot Fudgevegan chocolate sauce

If you’re on the hunt for a creamy, rich vegan chocolate sauce for all your summer dessert and ice cream needs, then opt for this Coop’s MicroCreamery Vegan Hot Fudge sauce. Drizzle this onto any dessert for enriched, decadent flavors. It’s made from coconut cream, unsweetened pure chocolate and brown cane sugar. Buy some for $16.89!

Lisa Smith said, “Perfect! It’s been a long time since I had hot fudge sauce and this tastes exactly like I remember. There’s no other flavors or off-key textures coming through (cashew, coconut, etc…. although that would be fine too) like you get with some vegan substitutions.”

10. Spinelli’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce Kitmarinara pasta vegan

Of course, we have to include a classic pasta sauce in the mix. Spinelli’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce Kit comes with two jars of classic marinara sauce, veganized of course. These sauces are made from fresh garlic, fresh onion, and extra virgin olive oil. It’s great with pasta, of course, drizzled on top of a hearty pizza, or any vegan lasagna dish. Buy this kit for $23.99!

Dolores R. Caponera said, “So good I’ve been known to eat it right out of the jar! Great balance of flavors. Rich, but not overly so. I bought by the dozen so I’d have some to give as gifts.” While another user, Susan Farinacci said, “Good sauce. Could use a little more cream.”

Ready to make your own homemade vegan sauces?Life-Changing Cheese Sauce

Life-Changing Cheese Sauce

The name of this Life-Changing Cheese Sauce says it all, and this  Parsley Pumpkin Seed Pesto doesn’t need cheese. Enjoy making and eating this spicy Piri Piri Pepper Sauce or this Mushroom Meat Sauce recipe. This Vodka Cream Sauce is gluten-free, and this 6-Ingredient Pea and Walnut Pesto is great if you’re in a rush. For dinner, add this 15-Minute Meaty Pasta Bolognese Sauce. Or go classic with a Smoky Tomato Almond Pasta Sauce.

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