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Cory Booker, a politician, attorney, and senator from New Jersey is challenging Americans to take a sugar-free challenge with him for the next three months.

Booker starts his Instagram video with a quote by Ron Finley, a food activist. Finley has a saying that “In South Central, we have drive-bys and drive-thrus, and the drive-thrus are killing so many more people than drive-bys.”

Booker goes on to talk about how half of the population in the United States has diabetes or is pre-diabetic. “And we are subsiding this disease,” he says.

“Most of our ag subsidies go to highly processed, non-nutritious, sugar-filled foods.” He goes on to say that only two percent of our agriculture subsidies go to fruits and vegetables.

“So I accepted a challenge to go without added sugar in my diet.” From the end of the day on July 4th (after his vegan bbq and some apple pie) Booker will go without added sugar until Labor Day.

“Much has been documented about the negative effects of processed sugar on our health – from our brain health to heart health to links to cancers and more. The costs to our health and our society are staggering when seeing how diet-related diseases are making health care costs skyrocket in America.”

“We are becoming a poorer nation by paying twice: we pay our tax dollars to make sugary, ultra-processed foods cheaper than healthier options, and then we pay again for the health care costs such foods can cause. ”

Giving up sugar can be much easier than you think!

“This does not mean giving up fruits, alcohol, or other naturally occurring sugars in our foods. Nor do you have to give up artificial sweeteners — though Cory will be going hardcore and giving up his beloved Stevia in his tea.”

Thousands of people have already signed up for the challenge. Check out Cory Booker’s website to sign up and learn more about the challenge, information, and updates, and share your own story and journey!

Reports have found that processed food and sugar lead to malnutrition and obesity. Check out these recipes to help Curb Your Cravings for Sugar With These Naturally Sweet Foods!

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