Next weekend, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival returns. It’s a coveted and exclusive two-weekend event that features major artists, both old and new. In the California desert, thousands of adoring fans gather around to hear the best music and eat the best food. This year, there will be a plethora of vegan options to choose from.

Reported by Eater LA, the official food lineup, of course, features gourmet hamburgers and french fries but has also included more than a handful of delicious vegan dishes! Eat Drink Vegan posted a message on their Instagram following the release of the food lineup, exclaiming, “The vegan food and drink at Coachella is insane this year!”


coachella vegan food
Instagram/Eat Drink Vegan

Vendors offering vegan options at Coachella.

Plant-based options at this year’s festival are so prominent, that Eater LA highlighted it as one of two major food themes, “burgers and vegan.” That’s good news for all of us! Here are just some of the vegan options at the festival.

Cena Vegan, a high recommended vegan cafe, will be offering vegan burritos, nachos, and tacos! Mm. Cocobella Creamery will surely be a warm-weather festival favorite with their vegan ice cream options while Clover Juice will revitalize guests with their cold-pressed juices. Are you a Kombucha lover? We are too. GT’s Kombucha will be there, too!

Love Anti-Oxidant Rich Acai Bowls?
Blackberry Açaí Nice Cream

Backyard Bowls will feature their famous fruit smoothies and acai bowls! They have delicious vegan grain bowls like the Guru Bowl with quinoa, avocado, and zucchini noodles, and vegan porridge bowls like their PB & J Bowl with peanut butter, almonds, and cashew milk. They have plenty of vegan options, but just be aware that some of their bowls contain honey.

Even if you’re not going to be attending Coachella, never fear! You don’t have to miss out on the delicious vegan options they’re offering. This Blackberry Acai is filled with tasty, refreshing flavors and sweet coconut milk. This Blueberry Acai is another good alternative. If you’d rather have something a little heavier, then this 3-Minute Raw Acai Bowl and this Creamy Pumpkin Acai Bowl will do the trick.


We also love a good vegan burrito!Lentil Chili Stew-Stuffed Burrito

Cena Vegan will feature their coveted vegan burritos! They have yummy options like the Big Vegan Burrito, filled with refried beans, rice, pico de gallo, salsa and cashew chipotle crema. They also have a Plato De Cena Vegan, which is a plant-based plate of ‘meats’, rice, beans, and tortillas.

Veggie burritos can be made in so many different and equally delicious ways, even if you’re at home. This Lentil Chili Stew-Stuffed Burrito is packed with kidney beans, lentils and loads of fresh veggies. These Burritos With Raw Taco Meat are extremely close to the real thing while these Spicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Burritos make the perfect breakfast dish.

Ice cream, ice cream, well all scream for ice cream!Tahini Cookie Dough Ice Cream

When it’s warm outside, ice cream is essential for cooling off while enjoying a sweet little snack. At Coachella, ice cream is especially important. Cocobella Creamery has plenty of vegan and gluten-free flavors. From Blueberry Cheesecake to Lemon Poppy Cake, all which sound absolutely delicious.

If you’re not going, you can make some yourself some unique ice cream treats at home! This Tahini Cookie Dough Ice Cream is made with frozen bananas, vegan chocolate chips, and coconut milk. If you’re looking for something simple, try this French Vanilla Ice Cream recipe. If you want something with a twist, try this Pumpkin Ice Cream with Coconut Caramel and Praline Pecans. The ice cream options really are endless.


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will return to the Colorado Desert on Friday, April 13th, and take place over the course of two weekends.

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Lead Image Source: Shuttershock