With warm weather comes tons of creative recipes and ways to recreate some iconic dishes to suit your plant-based lifestyle. Our bloggers really showed us how to have a good time in the sweet summer sun this week with these amazing recipes! You’ll want to throw on an apron and call up your friends because these recipes are bound to inspire you for your next cookout.

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1. Refried Bean and Salsa Soup 
Vegan Refried Bean and Salsa Soup

This Refried Bean and Salsa Soup sounds pretty good when you read the recipe, but when you eat it, you won’t be able to get enough. Jam-packed with flavor, healthy, and simple to make, this refried bean and salsa soup is perfect for dinner and to have leftovers for the next day.

2. Simple Classic Cheesecake
Vegan Simple Classic Cheesecake

This Classic Cheesecake will surely make you feel like a million bucks. Each bite will be filled with rich, dense, and tangy “cheese” filling and crumbly and buttery crust. Is your mouth watering? Let’s get to it.

3. Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad 
Vegan Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad

The words “potato salad” don’t seem to generate a lot of excitement, but that being said – this Morrocan Sweet Potato Salad is making our hearts race. The tender chunks of sweet potato are covered in roasted pistachios, chopped cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, a pinch of fresh mint, and then finished with a creamy cashew dressing that has the lemony perfume of Moroccan spices which make this salad truly unique.


4. Vegetable Samosa Burger
Vegan Vegetable Samosa Burger

American fusion recipes are where classic American dishes meet flavors from around the world. This crisp and flavorful Vegetable Samosa Burger is inspired by the classic Indian samosa. It’s packed with veggies and savory spices and it’s so easy to make. Pair with chutney or ketchup on a toasty bun with a side of sweet potato fries.

5. Crispy Thai Almond Butter Tofu
Vegan Crispy Thai Almond Butter Tofu

Want Thai flavor without the peanuts? Try this simple, delicious Crispy Thai Almond Butter Tofu! Creamy almond butter stands in for the classic peanut butter in a sauce with spicy, sweet, umami flavor. It’s the perfect sauce for this crispy baked tofu or for noodles.

6. Raw Kiwi Lime Cheesecake 
Vegan Raw Kiwi Lime Cheesecake

This Raw Kiwi Lime Cheesecake is so simple but packed with zesty flavor and creamy texture! There is the wonderful tanginess of the lime and the kiwi, richness from the coconut milk, and nutrition from the super greens powder and the vegan protein powder. If you do not have access to super greens powder, then you can use a combination of maca, spirulina, vanilla powder, and coconut sugar. This will ensure your protein cheesecake is packed with superfood goodness.

7. No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Doughnuts 
Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Doughnuts

These No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Doughnuts are packed with all kinds of goodies. Made from dates, almonds, buckwheat, coconut, and cacao, they’ll fulfill your craving for something sweet while leaving you feeling nourished and energetic. Plus, they’re topped with a creamy peanut butter frosting. Yum!


8. Fresh and Light Zucchini Lasagna Roll-Ups
Vegan Fresh and Light Zucchini Lasagna Roll-Ups

Fresh and Light Zucchini Lasagna Roll-Ups for summer! Rolled with hummus and fresh spinach, then topped with simple tomato sauce, fresh basil, and toasted pine nuts – this zucchini lasagna will be a warm-weather favorite!

9. Sugar-Free Cinnamon Almond Ring Cake
Vegan Sugar-Free Cinnamon Almond Ring Cake

This Sugar-free Cinnamon Almond Cake looks complex, but it’s so easy to make, it’ll make you feel like a professional. It’s made from wholesome ingredients like spelt flour and completely sugar-free, thanks to the addition of xylitol. You can choose from two fillings: one is made with coconut oil and has a rich, buttery coconut flavor that complements the cinnamon while the other is made with almond butter, which enhances the flavor of the crunchy almonds in the filling.

10. 5-Ingredient Spicy Black Bean Jalapeño Burgers
Vegan 5-Ingredient Spicy Black Bean Jalapeño Burgers

These 5-Ingredient Spicy Black Bean Jalapeño Burgers are paired with a tahini lime sauce, healthy, tasty, and store well in the freezer. These simple burgers have a hearty, earthy flavor that’s given a spicy kick from the jalapeños that is counteracted by the creamy, tangy tahini sauce. Plus they’re quick and easy to make.

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Lead Image Source: Vegetable Samosa Burger