Isn’t it amazing how something as bitter as a cacao bean can transform into a delicious bar of chocolate? It’s practically magic! Here at One Green Planet, we believe there are few things that are better than chocolate. Whether it’s a bar, a truffle, or a creamy, chocolate spread, there’s a good chance that we want it. When we’re shopping for chocolate, there are a few things we like to check. Is it vegan? Organic? Fair trade? Raw? These are pretty standard questions. However, the art of making chocolate has progressed over the years and now there are products with all sorts of amazing ingredients fused in, specifically, superfoods like maca, goji berries, hemp seeds … the list goes on. Now the decision making gets even harder! Well, that is unless you have One Green Planet to guide you. That’s right, you don’t have to hunt down a specialty food store to get your hands on exquisite vegan chocolate infused with superfoods. Instead, check out these 12 chocolate treats that you can order online from the comfort of your home!