How do you make any food taste better? Cover it in chocolate! On December 16th, we can cover everything because it’s National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day! Not only does covering food in chocolate make it more decadent and delicious but it makes it healthier. That’s right – because dark chocolate is a superfood!

Start with breakfast and cover your French toast in chocolate like this Hot Chocolate Nutella French Toast, move on to lunch and make chocolate quesadillas and then add chocolate to your chili for dinner. Of course, have more chocolate for dessert. You can cover anything with chocolate – cookies, fruit, nuts, ice cream – let your imagination run wild.


See what we covered last year in Time to Indulge! Try These 20 Delicious Dairy-Free Chocolate Recipes. Then get the chocolate flowing because everything tastes better when it’s covered with chocolate, especially these 15 amazing recipes.

1. Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

How about some yummy Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows? Yes, you can make gelatin-free marshmallows at home — and it’s easy! These fluffy marshmallows use agar agar, a type of sea vegetable, in place of the traditional gelatin. They’re spiced with saffron and cinnamon, then covered with chocolate but you can try different spices and coatings to find what you like best. These marshmallows are perfect for snacking, sundaes, or for stirring into a big mug of hot cocoa.

2. Chocolate-Covered Mocha Cheesecake

Chocolate-Covered Mocha Cheesecake

You can’t go wrong with this decadent Chocolate-Covered Mocha Cheesecake. A creamy espresso-flavored filling sits atop a pecan-date crust and the top of the cake is coated in a thick layer of rich dark chocolate then covered with plenty of chocolate chips. This is a cake you can prepare days before and just keep it in the freezer until you’re ready to indulge.

3. Chocolate-Covered Coconut Peppermints


These Chocolate-Covered Coconut Peppermints are mini bites of fresh, delicious flavor packed full of taste and texture. This recipe contains only five ingredients and is simple to prepare. Plus, unlike the stuff at the store, these mint chocolates are 100 percent vegan, raw and healthy!


4. Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles

Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles

You are only five ingredients away from these Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles. They have it all: they’re sweet and salty, soft and crunchy, and they’re covered in chocolate! Keep a bunch in your freezer for easy snacking but hide them behind the ice trays so no one else sees them!

5. Chocolate-Covered Cheesecake Bites

Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites

Chocolate and cheesecake are natural besties, which makes the invention of Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites a no brainer. These are creamy and rich on the inside, sweet and decadent on the outside and all without a bit of dairy. Plus, they come together so easily that the only challenge is eating just one!

6. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

These sweet, creamy Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cheesecake Bites enveloped in a dark chocolate shell will have you swooning. Not only do these little bites taste amazing, but they look absolutely adorable! Bring these with you to your next event and we guarantee everyone who tries them will be looking for the chef. Or keep them in your freezer to slowly eat for the next month. Your choice.

7. Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Cheesecake

Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Cheesecake

This is a Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Cheesecake that melts in your mouth. The filling of this fruity cake is creamy and delicious, with a perfect balance of sweet and tart! While it takes a while for the cake to set, the recipe is so simple, that even a beginner will have show-stopping results!


8. Chocolate-Covered Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sandwich

Chocolate-Covered Cookie Dough Sandwich

No, your eyes haven’t deceived you – this is a Chocolate-Covered Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sandwich! These sweet snacks consist of chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiched between two crunchy, salty crackers that are then coated in chocolate. They’re a unique dessert to bring along to potlucks, but we don’t blame you if you want to keep them all at home.

9. Chocolate-Coated Flapjack

Chocolate Coated Flapjack [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These Chocolate-Coated Flapjacks taste incredible. Each bite is sweet, chewy and tastes like heaven. They’re filled with all healthy ingredients so you can have chocolate for breakfast guilt-free.


10. Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges

Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges

Chewy, sweet candied oranges, dipped in rich dark chocolate. Sound tempting? This recipe for Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges calls for a dehydrator, but the good news is, you can make them even if you don’t have one! These candied oranges make the perfect gift for your sweetheart — or you can gift them to yourself.

11. Chocolate-Coated Pineapple Pops

Chocolate-Coated Pineapple Pops

Here’s a good way to get anyone to eat fruit – cover it in chocolate! Use the described two toppings in these Chocolate Coated Pineapple Pops or use your imagination. You can opt for different nuts, carob nibs, crushed espresso beans, freeze dried fruit, coconut butter, or almond butter. Whatever sounds good to you!

12. Chocolate-Covered Nut Bars

Chocolate Covered Nut Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

It’s super-simple to make your own raw chocolate and it’s healthy for you too! Then take that homemade chocolate and use it to make these Chocolate-Covered Nut Bars. The really fun part is decorating them with whatever garnishes you choose like dried fruit, fleur de sel, chile flakes or edible flowers.

13. Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Tacos

Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Tacos

There’s so much flavor and texture happening in every bite of these Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Tacos. You get the salty crunch of the taco shell, covered in smooth dark chocolate, the creamy banana ice cream — yum! For the filling, which you have two choices. The first is rich, chocolatey date sauce and the second option is tangy lemon curd — the choice of which filling you use is entirely up to you!


14. Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Covered Strawberries [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

What could possibly be better than chocolate-covered strawberries? Chocolate-covered strawberries filled with peanut butter, that’s what! These Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Covered Strawberries are definitely the way to anyone’s heart. Put them in a box and they make a beautiful gift…if you don’t eat them all yourself.

15, Raw Chocolate-Covered Pineapple Coconut Cookies

Raw Chocolate-Covered Pineapple Coconut Cookies

These Raw Chocolate-Covered Pineapple Coconut Cookies are sweet, coconutty, and chewy — essentially, they’re the perfect summer cookie. Dried pineapple is combined with coconut, oats, pecans, and soft dates with no extra sweetener added. Since everything is better with chocolate, they’re dipped in smooth dark chocolate and then chilled. Make a batch of these on hot days when you want something sweet, but don’t feel like baking.

Covering any food with chocolate can turn it from ordinary to extraordinary. Get creative and try covering all sorts of foods with chocolate – even your chocolate!

Lead image source: Chocolate-Covered Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sandwich