Coffee’s sometimes thought of as an on-the-go kind of drink, something that you sip while on your way to work or to keep yourself awake throughout the day.

But there’s something appealing about taking the time to really savor a cappuccino or latte, especially when it comes beautifully presented with interesting designs, textures, and colors. Here are some of our favorite dairy-free latte art designs from Instagram!


This lovely bird cappuccino art from latte artist Brian Leonard uses almond milk rather than dairy. Vegan food stylist Kristy Lapointe styled the beautiful photo and got to enjoy this delicious cappuccino!

Photographer Wildflower Life captured this gorgeous and colorful vegan rainbow latte.

Vegan Doll House posted this adorable bear vegan latte with soy from Berkeley Espresso.

Bonta Vera used bold textures for this vegan latte art, captured by Instagram user Blkmoonclan. Check out that spiderweb design!


This twisty latte art captured by Mitch Lee uses homemade almond milk from Offbeet.

Cape Town Vegan Bliss captured this beautiful flower latte art from Coco Safar. It uses cocoa, orange, cardamom, and homemade almond milk.

Brooklyn Whiskers created this adorable little kitty!

A Vegan Broad showed off Farm Girl Café’s turmeric latte with a French bull dog. Look at those big ears!


Voyager Craft Coffee used oat milk for this amazing and colorful latte, shared by Sarah Sanchez!

Do you want to make your own beautiful vegan latte at home?Sunshine Turmeric Latte

Try making this Sunshine Turmeric Latte, this Chocolate Reishi Latte, or this Cafe Style Matcha Tea Latte. And don’t forget to check out these tips on How to Make a Healthier Cup of Coffee!


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Lead Image Source: Shutterstock