Cauliflower is an interesting and versatile vegetable. Although cauliflower comes from the same plant and looks very similar to broccoli, it tastes very different than the popular green vegetable. Some may say that cauliflower is bland and boring but anyone who has cooked extensively with this vegetable knows otherwise. Cauliflower’s ability to absorb seasoning is one of the vegetable’s most celebrated qualities! Yup, when given proper TLC in the kitchen, cauliflower can actually be transformed into some pretty tasty dishes.

Not everyone has the time or knowledge to give cauliflower the proper culinary care it deserves, though. Thankfully, there are plenty of products on the market today that are either pre-made or are a breeze to whip up! And there are many that are available online. Whether you want your cauliflower steamed, pickled, marinated, or freeze-dried, there’s bound to be a product out there for you. Here are 11 to get you started!