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1. Cauliflower Porridge with Apple, Mulberry, and Cacao Nib Topping

Vegan Cauliflower Porridge with Apple, Mulberry, and Cacao Nib Topping

Source: Cauliflower Porridge with Apple, Mulberry, and Cacao Nib Topping

Using cauliflower as a substitute for rice or grain flakes in different recipes works very well, although, depending on the recipe, sometimes it will need some extra flavoring. In this Cauliflower Porridge with Apple, Mulberry, and Cacao Nib Topping by Solla Eiriksdottir, use cauliflower instead of oats or other grain flakes. To prevent the cauliflower taste from coming through, I use pandan leaves, which have this fantastic fragrance and make magic in both sweet and savory dishes. They impart a wonderful vanilla and coconut aroma with a hint of grass. Native to South India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, they are used to sweeten or flavor dishes in a simple way. You can find them both fresh and frozen in Asian food stores, but if you can’t get hold of them, use coconut milk as your plant-milk base and add an extra 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.   Recipe Text Credit: Excerpted (or Adapted) from VEGAN AT HOME © 2022 by Solla Eiríksdóttir. Reproduced by permission of Phaidon. All rights reserved.

2. Crispy Kohlrabi Sandwich With Tamari Shallots

Vegan Crispy Kohlrabi Sandwich With Tamari Shallots

Source: Crispy Kohlrabi Sandwich With Tamari Shallots

This Crispy Kohlrabi Sandwich With Tamari Shallots by Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer makes two of the most delicious sandwiches you (and your friend) will ever taste. The lightly breaded, tender kohlrabi is topped with tangy caramelized shallots and crisp cucumbers. It’s the best thing your going to taste between two pieces of bread.

3. Spicy Balsamic Baked Eggplant Chips

Vegan Spicy Balsamic Baked Eggplant Chips

Source: Spicy Balsamic Baked Eggplant Chips

Looking for a healthier way to snack? These Spicy Balsamic Baked Eggplant Chips by Lenia & Dimitra will satisfy your craving for crunchy snacks without all the oil, because they’re baked and not fried!

4. Jamaican Bowl

Vegan Jamaican Bowl

Source: Jamaican Bowl

Our Vegan Jamaican Bowl brings that island flavor! The jerk sweet potatoes, rice and peas, curried collard greens, and mango salsa are a culinary dancehall party for your tastebuds. Our bowl is the perfect way to liven up your boring meal-prep routine.

5. Lentil Quinoa Hemp Seed Meatballs

Vegan Lentil Quinoa Hemp Seed Meatballs

Source: Lentil Quinoa Hemp Seed Meatballs

This is the meatless meatball you have been fantasizing about. They have just right spices, texture, moisture, and, as a bonus, surprising little flecks of flavor from sun-dried tomatoes. These Lentil Quinoa Hemp Seed Meatballs by Larice Feuerstein go great with pasta, in a sub, or can be eaten on their own – they’re that good.

6. Beer Cheese Black Bean Burger

Vegan Beer Cheese Black Bean Burger

Source: Beer Cheese Black Bean Burger

If you love dense, flavorful meals that don’t disappoint, you have to try this Beer Cheese Black Bean Burger by Gabrielle St. Claire. The burgers are made from seasoned black beans, mushrooms, and plenty of herbs; they’re topped with creamy beer cheese sauce, plus crunchy onion rings. While the ingredients to this homemade black bean burger are varied, the steps are easy-peasy. It’s the ultimate comfort meal. You’ll feel like you’re at the pub without even having to leave the comfort of your home!

7. Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese

Vegan Cheeseburger Mac

Source: Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese

Cheeseburgers and mac and cheese are two of the most common comfort foods. On their own, they’re delicious. And together? Well, try out this Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese by Gin Butters and you’ll find out! It includes macaroni pasta smothered in rich, creamy, and yes, life-changing, cheese sauce. Not to mention, a hefty portion of ground beef-style crumbles. Indulge away!

8. Mac and Cheese Pies

Vegan Mac and Cheese Pies

Source: Mac and Cheese Pies

Macaroni pie is a Scottish delicacy that consists of a crisp, crumbly pastry crust that’s filled with macaroni and cheese. This Mac and Cheese Pies by Emily Wilkinson is a dairy-free version recreates it perfectly, from the crust to the gooey, cheesy mac and cheese filling. There’s something otherworldly about the way these things come together, so much that you’ll probably be left speechless when you take your first bite. You can make one large pie for this recipe or several small ones, if you’re looking to make a shareable appetizer.

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