Ceasar salad is a famous salad, with ingredients to make you drool for more after you chew the last piece. Did you know you can easily make the salad into a vegan one? The salads become even more delicious, still with the same famous flavors intact!

You need to dive into these 15 vegan Caesar salad recipes now from the Food Monster App, it’s the perfect lunch for summer – and actually for every season! Filling, delicious, and oh-so-much-more than just a regular salad!


1. Protein-Packed Chickpea and Kale Caesar Salad

Get your protein fix with this delicious salad, filled with chickpeas, leafy greens, and a yummy cashew Caesar dressing! This Protein-Packed Chickpea and Kale Caesar Salad is a must-make for the summer!

2. Roasted Chickpea Caesar Salad Vegan Grain-Free Roasted Chickpea Caesar Salad

A Caesar salad with a twist made with kale and roasted chickpeas! This Roasted Chickpea Caesar Salad is creamy, classic, and loaded with healthy fats and nutrients.

3. Buffalo Chickpea Caesar Salad Buffalo Chickpea Caesar Salad [Vegan]

Spice up the regular Caesar salad with some buffalo flavored chickpeas! This Buffalo Chickpea Caesar Salad has few ingredients, but still gives you all the delicious flavors you are craving from the traditional salad.

4. Grilled Caesar SaladGrilled Caesar Salad

Make your salad even more fun by grilling it, like this Grilled Caesar Salad! drizzled with a creamy and tangy dressing, and topped with vegan bacon bits, seasoned croutons, and thinly sliced red onion – everyone is gonna dig this one!


5. Sweet Potato Caesar Salad Sweet Potato Caesar Salad

If you love sweet potatoes – you’re gonna love this Sweet Potato Caesar Salad! The potatoes are baked to perfection and added in the salad with a  creamy vegan Parmesan dressing and a sprinkling of cheesy breadcrumbs.

6. Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad WrapsCaesar Salad Wrap Feat

Why not turn your salad into a delicious and filling wrap? You have to check out these Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad Wraps! It’s the perfect lunch, and make a bunch of them so you can have throughout the week for a quick lunch on the go!

7. Caesar Salad Nouveau Caesar Salad Nouveau [Vegan]

You won’t even believe this Caesar Salad Nouveau is vegan when you eat it! This plant-based version packs all of the same tangy, cheesy flavors. Sometimes it’s best to break tradition!

8. Herb Tofu Caesar Salad With Spicy PepitasHerb Tofu Caesar Salad With Spicy Pepitas [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

There are a few steps involved to make this Herb Tofu Caesar Salad With Spicy Pepitas – but it’s totally worth it! Make extra so you can have a delicious salad for lunch or dinner every day, or maybe put it in a wrap also for some variation!


9. Super Protein Kale Caesar Salad

Craving a flavorful and protein-packed salad for summer? This Super Protein Kale Caesar Salad was made for you! It’s fresh, quick, easy to make, filling and oh so good for you.

10. Cheesy Caesar Salad

The dressing of this salad is truly heavenly with a secret ingredient! Try this Cheesy Caesar Salad and you’ll get a truly flavorful experience, filled with all the right ingredients to make a classic Caesar salad.


11. Caesar Salad PizzaOMG These 15 Vegan Pizzas Will Make Your Summer

Forget the salad, this Caesar Salad Pizza is everything you need! What’s better than to combine your favorite salad and pizza? This pizza recipe is simple enough that you could easily add it to your weekly repertoire!

12. New Caesar SaladNew Caesar Salad

The traditional Caesar salad made vegan! This New Ceasar Salad contains all the classic ingredients, such as romaine lettuce, crackers, and some dulce strips, with a yummy dressing!

13. Kale Caesar Pasta Salad 

The new and improved not-so-classic Caesar Salad. Healthy and modernized with gluten-free pasta, kale, radishes, and nutritional yeast. You need this Kale Caesar Pasta Salad in your life!

14. Quinoa Salad with ‘Caesar Dressing’ Recipe: Quinoa Salad with Caesar Dressing

This Quinoa Salad with ‘Caesar Dressing’ is the perfect salad to bring to a summer picnic! With all your favorite Caesar ingredients, and some quinoa for extra nutrition, you’re gonna fall in love with this dish!


15. Raw Caesar Salad Dressing RawCaesarSalad-010

You need the perfect dressing for your Caesar salad, and here it is! This Raw Caesar Salad Dressing is healthy, completely oil-free and totally delicious – so what are you waiting for?

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Lead image source: Roasted Chickpea Caesar Salad