This bride-to-be is being slammed by the internet for serving meat to her fiance’s vegan cousin after lying to her and saying that it was made with “fake meat”.

AITA for telling my cousin she ate meat ? from AmItheAsshole

In a post in the Reddit forum, Am I The A**hole (AITIA), the vegan woman’s cousin shares about the event. The woman @lea_br59 and Paige (the vegan cousin) went to a party for their cousin Dave’s engagement with Laura.

Laura insisted on cooking dinner, and the user noticed some meat in it. When Paige asked Laura about it, she told her that she “used fake meat for Paige”. Paige trusted her and ate the meal.

However, when the user approached Laura later and asked if she used fake meat for Paige, she said “‘Hell no, if she’s vegan she gotta bring her own food,’ while laughing.”

Shocked and in disbelief, the user told Paige because she knew that it was not right.

“I saw the anger rising up her face while she got up and screamed at Laura inside the house,” the user wrote.

Paige confronted Laura, and the two began to fight before Paige left the house. Laura approached the user and told her that everyone was having a great time until she told Paige that she had eaten real meat. Everyone that was there was taking Laura’s side and telling her that it was not any of her business to tell Paige.

“I don’t know what to do. All of them are saying I did something wrong and that it could’ve just been a one time and that Paige would’ve never noticed.”

In an update, the user said that Paige had some stomach ache the following day but is doing ok. Luckily, her cousin Dave is also on her side and thinks that Laura was in the wrong.

In a comment with 13.5k upvotes, user timerodeo wrote, “NTA! Laura was 1000% TA for saying it was fake meat when it wasn’t. She could have just told the truth and maybe Paige could have eaten around it. Serving meat to a person who is vegan without them knowing is truly messed up.”

Recently, another post from r/AmItheAsshole blew up when a woman was applauded for calling off her wedding when her fiance canceled all of the vegan food options behind her back.

We are applauding this user and Paige for standing up to this! It is never ok to lie and give someone food that they have explicitly told you that they don’t eat. What would you do if you were in this situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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