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Tofu is so versatile! It can add loads of protein to any dish, all while adding creaminess, texture, or even meatiness. And it’s affordable too! Our bloggers from the Food Monster App have all the tips you need to sneak some extra soy-protein into dishes you might not expect! Keep reading for some fantastic tofu recipes.

1. Creamy SaucesHigh-Protein Creamy Tofu and Avocado Pasta

High-Protein Creamy Tofu and Avocado Pasta/ One Green Planet

Creamy sauces are great but all the dairy is not. Tofu is a great addition to your vegan cream sauces for added protein and satisfaction!

Susan Edelman showed us that all it takes is throwing a block of silken tofu, some spices, cashews, and plant-based milk into a blender for a super smooth, Creamy Cashew Tofu Alfredo.

Caroline Doucet taught us how to make this High-Protein Creamy Tofu and Avocado Pasta which utilizes firm tofu instead of silken. It combines a whole block of tofu, avocado, and tons of flavorful add-ins for a delicious and healthy sauce!

2. CheesecakesTrial 2

Tofu and Pumpkin Cheesecake/One Green Planet

Cheesecake is commonly made using cream cheese which is a slightly sweet, slightly tangy cheese. These bloggers showed us how to replicate this texture and flavor by adding tofu to their cheesecake recipes!

Nele Liivlaid showed us how to use pumpkin puree and tofu for a super vibrant and creamy Tofu and Pumpkin Cheesecake! She just blends the tofu, pumpkin, spices, and thickeners together and bakes it inside the crust! Easy peasy!

Philipp Ertl showed us how to get in healthy fats and protein in desserts by adding tofu to his High-Protein Strawberry Cheesecake! Super satisfying and super healthy!

Tiana Haines showed us that you really don’t need many other bases to have a creamy and flavorful cheesecake! Where the other tips we showed you have two bases, her Vanilla Lime Cheesecake recipe includes just tofu and some flavoring like lime, syrup, and vanilla!

3. Cheese FillingsMushroom and Tofu Feta Ravioli

Mushroom and Tofu Feta Ravioli / One Green Planet

Ricotta and feta cheese is such a staple in Italian cooking- these bloggers showed us how to create a similar texture of these chunky, gritty cheeses by adding in tofu!

Medha Swaminathan showed us how to make a delicious, authentic-tasting ricotta filling by crumbling, roasting, and pulsing an 8-ounce block together with spinach and other flavors! Check out her Pesto and Tofu Ricotta Ravioli recipe for more information!

Jessica Verma made this brilliant Tofu Lasagna with a vegan ricotta recipe that is sure to please! She combines crumbled cauliflower, tofu, nutritional yeast, lemon, and spices for a super tangy and gritty cheese filling!

Emilie Heck showed us how to make a more tangy cheese filling inspired by feta cheese with her Mushroom and Tofu Feta Ravioli recipe! All it takes is a block of silken tofu and a bunch of spices! Her main technique is letting the tofu marinate in the spices, oil, and lemon for a bit after crumbling for added flavor!

4. Various Breakfast OptionsVegan Silken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Silken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie Bowl / One Green Planet

Lisa Dobler added tofu to her breakfast with this Tofu and Almond Patties recipe! This recipe is totally customizable- just combine tofu with psyllium husk, a sweetener or a spice, any nut of choice and something to coat your patties in and get frying!

Katja Meier showed us how to incorporate tofu into her Silken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie Bowl! She just throws in 1/2 cup of silken tofu into her smoothie bowl to add in some protein! This bowl has a total of 21 grams!

Christina Bedetta turned tofu into an eggy dish with her Cheesy Garlic and Onion Tofu Scramble recipe! It is super simple. Just crumble tofu into a pan with nutritional yeast, spices, oil, turmeric for color. Then, add some veggies for a delicious breakfast!

Need more high-protein tofu recipes? Check out 26 Delicious Vegan Sources of Protein (The Ultimate Guide).

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Lead image source: Creamy Cashew Tofu Alfredo

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