Close your eyes and imagine warm, fluffy, flaky biscuits. The steam wafts out of them as you gently pull them apart with your hands. Now imagine dunking those biscuits into warm, rich, gravy that’s just packed with flavor. Now imagine putting that decadent combination into your mouth. Okay, open your eyes now. No, really, you have to open your eyes to keep reading.

December 14th is National Biscuits and Gravy Day, so you don’t have to imagine eating this amazing dish; you can make it and eat it in real life. Many people eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast but we say it’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe, for a late night snack as well.


Whether you like your biscuits with vegan cheese, vegan buttermilk, or other goodies like spinach or sweet potato, we have incredible recipes. We also have amazing gravy recipes. Ready to bring your dream into reality? Here are 15 dairy-free biscuit and gravy recipes that will have you mopping up your plate.

1. Herbed Biscuits With Mushroom GravyHerbed Biscuits With Mushroom Gravy b

These gluten-free Herbed Biscuits With Mushroom Gravy are amazingly flavorful, they’ll disappear in an instant. They are best fresh, warm, and straight out of the oven, but if you make hem the day ahead, simply warm them in the oven prior to serving. With the addition of herbs and a gravy that encompasses classic fall flavors, and is a fantastic addition to any holiday table.

2. Gluten-Free Biscuits and Mushroom Gravy Gluten-Free-Biscuits-and-Gravy-916x800

These Gluten-Free Biscuits and Mushroom Gravy are the ultimate comfort food. The biscuits are so soft and fluffy, you would never guess they’re gluten-free. They are perfect for dunking into the herb-filled mushroom gravy.

3. Flaky White Bean Biscuits With Rosemary ButterFlaky-Vegan-White-Bean-Biscuits-with-Rosemary-Butter

If you like sweet potato biscuits, you’ll love these Flaky Vegan White Bean Biscuits With Rosemary Butter. The biscuits are light and tender and the compound butter mixed with fresh rosemary makes these extra special and delicious. Yum!


4. Easy Mushroom Gravyeasy mushroom gravy

If you like mushrooms, you’ll enjoy this Easy Mushroom Gravy. It uses a variety of mushrooms such as shiitake and cremini for meaty flavor. Rich and luxurious, this gravy makes comfort dishes even more comforting.

5. Sweet Potato BiscuitsSweet Potato Biscuits (AKA 'Crack Biscuits') [Vegan]

These Sweet Potato Biscuits have a slightly sweet taste and beautiful color from the sweet potatoes. Light, tender, and doughy, you’ll be tempted to eat these straight out of the oven. We understand.

6. Spicy Sriracha Buttermilk BiscuitsSpicy Sriracha Buttermilk Biscuits 1

Is there anything better than a warm, buttery biscuit at breakfast on Sunday morning or with a hearty dinner? We can’t think of anything. These Spicy Sriracha Buttermilk Biscuits are fluffy and moist, thanks to the non-dairy milk and nicely golden and flaky after just 20 minutes in the oven. Pair these with a flavorful Sriracha compound butter and dig in!

7. Pumpkin Spice Biscuits With Feta CheesePumpkin Spice Biscuits With Feta Cheese [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These Pumpkin Spice Biscuits With Feta Cheese are outrageously delicious. The warm and sweet pumpkin pie spices are perfectly complemented by the salty, tangy vegan feta. These are so amazing, you might actually skip the gravy.


8. Golden Biscuits and GravyBiscuits and Gravy

Who wouldn’t want to start off their day with some fluffy Golden Biscuits topped with creamy, turmeric-infused gravy? These biscuits pretty much only require three ingredients, and they go great with tofu scramble! For a warm and cozy breakfast that will get your day off on the right foot, give these biscuits a whirl.

9. Rosemary Buttermilk BiscuitsRosemary 'Buttermilk' Biscuits [Vegan]

The recipe for these Rosemary Buttermilk Biscuits comes from Blossom Du Jour in NYC. Made with vegan buttermilk, these biscuits are light, fluffy and perfect for dunking into chili, soup and of course, gravy.


10. Butternut Squash BiscuitsButternut Squash Biscuits [Vegan]

These Butternut Squash Biscuits add nutmeg and squash to make colorful and delicious biscuits. They have lots of flaky layers and have that classic biscuit taste that will have you reaching for the butter or gravy.

11. Cheddar BiscuitsRed Lobster Style Vegan Cheddar Biscuits

If you’ve ever tried the biscuits at Red Lobster, you know how insanely delicious they are and if you’ve ever seen the nutritional info on them, you know why you should avoid them. These Cheddar Biscuits, however, have all the great cheesy, garlicky taste and none of the bad stuff. So you can feel good about digging in.

12. Biscuits and Sausage Gravyvegan-biscuits-and-gravy

When you need comforting, turn to these Biscuits and Sausage Gravy. The biscuits are light and fluffy with a hint of pumpkin pie spice. The thick, white gravy has vegan sausage running through it. If this doesn’t bring you comfort, we don’t know what will.

13. Buttermilk Biscuitsbuttermilk-biscuits-vegan

Buttermilk makes biscuits extra tender and delicious. These Vegan Buttermilk Biscuits have the vegan version of buttermilk – non-dairy milk with a little vinegar. The biscuits are light and fluffy and just waiting to dive into a big pool of gravy.


14. Savory Whole-Grain Spinach Biscuit Muffinssavory-spinach-muffins_1

The only thing better than savory biscuits or savory muffins is savory biscuit muffins. These Savory Whole-Grain Spinach Biscuit Muffins are surprisingly light, tender and moist, thanks to all the vegetables, but yet don’t really taste like spinach. Spinach biscuit muffins are just the thing when you’re sitting down for a bowl of soup or chili.

15. Vegetable Home-Fry BiscuitsVegetable Home-Fry Biscuits [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These Vegetable Home-Fry Biscuits have savory veggies running through the biscuit dough – bell peppers, onion, and fresh rosemary. Slather them with the homemade vegan butter for a delicious treat or side dish.

16. Oil-Free ‘Sausage’ Biscuits and GravyVegan Oil-Free ‘Sausage’ Biscuits and Gravy

This plant-based recipe for the classic biscuits and gravy is full of flavor and makes a hearty breakfast for the whole family. These Oil-Free ‘Sausage’ Biscuits and Gravy have savory and umami-filled enough to please meat enthusiasts and people who follow plant-based diets alike.

17. Calcium-Packed Navy Bean Biscuits and Roasted Garlic Gravy Vegan Calcium-Packed Navy Bean Biscuits and Roasted Garlic Gravy

These Calcium-Packed Navy Beans Biscuits and Roasted Garlic Gravy are super healthy and absolutely scrumptious. Navy beans make their way into the two main components of this savory plate of biscuits and gravy, and almond milk and tempeh help increase the calcium content.

Whether it’s a full meal by itself or part of a larger meal, biscuits and gravy are the best part of any meal. Enjoy these recipes for biscuits and gravy and sop up all that goodness in a dairy-free, delicious way.

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Lead image source: Herbed Biscuits With Mushroom Gravy