Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just published, fresh-out-the-mill recipes in one convenient place! These are the top vegan recipes of the day, and are now a part of the thousands of recipes on our Food Monster App! We have gnocchi, lemonade, and hummus so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite!

1. Rich Sicilian Caponata and Gnocchi

Source: Rich Sicilian Caponata and Gnocchi


 Rich Sicilian Caponata and Gnocchi by Julia Shannahan is a wonderful gluten-free, vegan meal to share. The Caponata is slightly acidic from the vinegar which cuts through the richness of the sauce and plump vegetables. Rich Sicilian Caponata and Gnocchi is very versatile: the Caponata is equally good served with pasta or as a dip and gnocchi, well gnocchi goes with everything. Divine!

2. Curried Red Rice, Broccoli and Chickpea Salad

Source: Curried Red Rice, Broccoli and Chickpea Salad

This is a very unique and tasty salad that can quickly turn into your favorite. The different flavors and textures and the tahini and curry dressing will make you enjoy every single bite! This Curried Red Rice, Broccoli and Chickpea Salad by Amarilis Moldes is a must try!

3. Beet Hummus

Source: Beet Hummus


Beet hummus! It comes out shockingly smooth even without any oil. Add a little bit of olive oil at the end, but that is mainly just for flavor. Roasted beets, chickpeas and tahini are the main ingredients with everything else added to enhance the flavor of this Beet Hummus by Laura Nockett.

4. Oreo and Caramel Easter Eggs

Source: Oreo and Caramel Easter Eggs

These vegan Oreo and Caramel Easter Eggs by Emma Blake are perfect for everybody, whether they are vegan or not….. From the creamy chocolate cases to the indulgent fillings there is nothing that screams ‘free from’ about these treats.

5. Tuna Nigiri

Source: Tuna Nigiri


Vegan tuna nigiri might sound bizzare but don’t knock it until you try it. This Tuna Nigiri by Kirsten Kaminski is so amazingly easy to make, crazy impressive and even more delicious!

6. Muscle Cramp Relief Tonic

Source: Muscle Cramp Relief Tonic


Mineral depletion can lead to muscle cramping, so eating foods rich in minerals can help prevent muscle cramps. This Muscle Cramp Relief Tonic by Maryea Flaherty is the perfect solution! Baobab fruit is high in key minerals thought to play a critical role in relieving muscle cramps: potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Paired with the electrolytes found in coconut water, this tonic is perfect for athletes and highly active individuals.

7. Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Egg Copycat

Source: Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Egg Copycat

Peanut butter and chocolate together is like taste perfection. When put in a Reese’s Egg – it’s a special treat. This Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Egg Copycat by Holly Bertone copies the style of a traditional Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Egg, but it’s peanut free, dairy free, vegan, gluten-free, and made with minimal sugar.

8. Baked Chili Cauliflower Bites

Source: Baked Chili Cauliflower Bites


These Baked Chili Cauliflower Bites by Tallie Samuels for perfect a dinner party or pot luck as pretty much all requirements are dealt with: it’s gluten-free, vegan and nut-free! That should keep everyone around the table happy and full, even those boasting the fussiness trifecta.

9. Chocolate Coconut Fudge Bars

Source: Chocolate Coconut Fudge Bars

These Chocolate Coconut Fudge Bars by Nicole Dunai are a decadent treat packed with healthy fats! Vegan, gluten free and paleo friendly!

10. Colomba di Pasqua: Italian Easter Sweet Bread

Source: Colomba di Pasqua: Italian Easter Sweet Bread

Colomba di Pasquale is a traditional Italian Easter bread traditionally made with flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, and butter. The dough is speckled with dried fruit and then fashioned into a dove shape (“colomba” in Italian) and then topped with sugar and slivered almonds before baking. This : Colomba di Pasqua: Italian Easter Sweet Bread by Pavani Nandula makes it possible without the eggs or dairy!

11. Cadbury Creme Eggs

Source: Cadbury Creme Eggs

Are you a Creme Egg junkie? This Cadbury Creme Eggs by Victoria Hoff is the perfect homemade solution. And you will not taste the difference- we swear. If anything, these are better. Isn’t that always the case with things made from scratch?

12. Blueberry Lemonade

Source: Blueberry Lemonade

Lemonade is great all year, but with the warmer weather approaching it becomes even more refreshing and delicious! Add some blueberries to make this Blueberry Lemonade by Maryea Flaherty for an amazing infusion of flavor.

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